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  1. Alexis Wise says:

    Hi, I tried to contact you with crediting me last year but I never heard back nor saw a change. I was the Princess serenity. You use two of my photos.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Very sorry about that! You mentioned that your handle is InsaneLaughter. Can you provide a social media account for us to link to? I could not find you by that handle on most that I checked!

  2. Alexis says:

    Hello, my media name is InsaneLaughter. I was the plus-sized Princess Serenity in glasses with the moon staff.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know. We’ve updated the caption with your information!

  3. sarah tran says:

    Hii!! I’m the Emilia posing with the demon Rem 😀 Could I have a copy of the original please?

    instagram – hoshii_hikari

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Yes! Could you please email us at yattatachi[at] Thank you!

  4. Kevin says:

    Wonderful photos!

    I’m the Reiner Braun
    Facebook: Kevlar Cosplay
    Instagram: kevlarcosplay

    Jean Kirschtein:
    Facebook: Pluto Knights
    Instagram: marcykarp

    Armin Arlert:
    Facebook: Pluto Knights
    Instagram: starlit.rose

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Added y’all’s info! Thank you!

  5. Tassie says:

    Whoops here we go! The dragon maid group (in the header image) is Ultra Danger Girls on Facebook!! ♡ Thanks for the pic ☆

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Added your info! Thanks~!

  6. Daniel Velazquez says:

    Oh man! I’m the Totoro guy! Awesome shot! Thank you! Would it be possible to get a copy?
    Facebook: Kal-Karot
    Instagram: kal_karot

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Yes, please send us an email: yattatachi[at]! Thank you!

  7. Bao Vu says:

    Great album! I’m the Cloud from your album

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Thank you!

  8. Kristyn Dobson says:

    My friend Tim was beast boy and I was Raven! His social media is @raysenshi_ and mine is @Kristynrene THESE PHOTOS ARE GREAT

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Thank you! I got your email by the way! 😀