A-Kon 2019 J-Fashion Show

By Chris Brailsford

An incredible collection of clothing designs from Hypercore, Hard Decora, Alice and the Pirates, and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!

Yatta-Tachi attended A-Kon 30 in Dallas, Texas, and it’s the longest running national anime convention in North America. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate their love of Japanese culture, anime, manga, games and some rather creative cosplay. This year for the A-Kon 2019 J-Fashion show, we saw works from Hypercore, Hard Decora, Alice and the Pirates, and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!

If you’re one of the participants, please let us know your name and a social media you want us to use for credit in the comments below! If you use the images, please be sure to give credit to Yatta-Tachi and link back to us (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)!

The Designers

A group photo of the J-Fashion designers and featured models
The J-Fashion designers for Hypercore, Alice and the Pirates, and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (Hard Decora not shown)


Hard Decora

Alice and the Pirates

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

As mentioned, if you’re one of these participants, please comment below with your information so we can you give proper credit!

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  1. Hello! Rue here, I was one of the models for HYPERCORE. I have the long red wavy hair with bangs. The pictures look awesome! Thank you for sharing. My social media is: Instagram – @ruevirgoartist, Facebook: Rue Virgo