A-Kon 27 Cosplay Contest Roundup (Pt.1)


These amazing cosplayers will make you want to drop everything and work on your own cosplay!

Yatta-Tachi attended A-Kon 27 in Dallas, Texas this past weekend (June 3rd-5th, 2016), and it’s the longest running national anime convention in North America. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate their love of Japanese culture, anime, manga, games and some rather creative cosplay.This year for the A-Kon 27 cosplay contest, we were seated in the press section right next to the stage! We did our best to capture as many photos as we could of the contest.

Check out Part 2 of the A-Kon 27 Cosplay Contest gallery below of the fantastic cosplays we saw! If you’re one of the cosplayers, please let us know your name and a social media you want us to use for credit in the comments below!

As mentioned, if you’re one of these cosplayers, please comment below with your information so we can you give proper credit! Also, if you would like the RAW file of your photo, please email us (yattatachi[at]gmail.com) and we will send it over! Thank you, everyone, for the amazing cosplay and be sure to check out our A-Kon 27 Cosplay Contest Part 2

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  1. Hi, i was Deathwing. Thanks for capturing such an awesome shot. My cosplay facebook page is (cosplay armory)

  2. Thank you for the amazing photos. I was the female Bunny in my Tiger and Bunny duo (the one in the red armor holding the award). My cosplay page is Facebook.com/CraftyPanda.Cosplay

  3. Hi! Late comment but photo #10 (the lady in the suit and the girl in red with the arm) is my mom and me! My alias is Pragmatic Idealist.