Christmas Anime Songs Pt. 1

By Hana

Bring some anime holiday cheer while you party!

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s always this one thing that annoys me to no end: the same old Christmas songs, played to death year after year, blasting from what seems to me, every speaker made by mankind. But fear not! For I shall recommend to you right here and now some great Japanese  and Christmas Anime songs, and get you in that Christmas spirit, Japan style!


“Last Christmas” by Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)

First up is Sailor Mars, performing a cover of Wham!’s “Last Christmas.” I know this is one of those songs being blasted around shopping malls, but you can’t deny it’s a lot better being sung with such a cute voice. There’s a whole Sailor Moon Christmas album out there, so if you crave more, it should be fairly easy to find.


“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” by Hetalia

Next up we have some of the Hetalia characters “singing” we wish you a merry Christmas. Half of it is banter instead of singing, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.


“Holy Night” by Toradora

There’s no way I could not include “Holy Night” from Toradora. It’s so cute and calming, perfect to listen to if the stress preparing for Christmas Day gets to you.


“Tenshi no Inori” by Digimon Adventures

Digimon also has a full Christmas album, and this song is one of my favorites. They are all pretty good, so if you do need to stock up on Christmas songs  the Digimon album is not a bad place to start.


“Jingle Bells” by One Piece

“Jingle Bells” sung by the crew of the Going Merry? Yes, please! One Piece fans will probably notice some characters missing, but as this song was released after the  Alabasta arc, it’s only natural.


“A Christmas Song” by Monkey Majik

Last, but by no means least, we have a song from my favorite Canadians, Monkey Majik. I would love to hear this song played in every mall, as it is my favorite Christmas song ever, but alas, it will most likely remain a dream.

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