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  1. Arcadhia says:

    Lets do this!!

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:

      You are the only one here who knows me in person, so you will be my witness. If I lie or quit my own challenge, tell everyone!

  2. Pedro says:

    damn. guess it’s time to work out . inspired by mr saitama xD

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:

      ‘Sup, Pedro!

      Saitama’s workout is super easy, in fact. I think that’s one of the messages behind OPM. He wanted to become a hero, so he simply got off his ass and started doing it.

      But don’t worry, I won’t ask you to run 10km every day.

  3. Shannon says:

    Let’s do it!!

  4. andrew says:

    lets try this

  5. Sara says:

    I am ready to get in shape!

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:


      Did you do your ‘homework’ for tomorrow?

  6. Alix mist says:

    I am definitely doing this ^^ and eren is my inspiration for my fitness goals because he started out small and then grew to be an awesome titan killer!

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:

      Eren is a great example. He starts of really lame, but puts enough effort in it to make up to his lack of talent. I think the main fact isn’t that he grew up to be an awesome titan killer, but that he never complained about it.

      At first, when he was the only one unable to balance, he could’ve blamed his gear, or lack of training or whatever, or even complain about how weaker folks -like Armin- did what he was unable to. But he didn’t.

  7. Katy Castillo says:

    Sign me up! Convention season is starting soon!

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:

      I have a once in a lifetime chance to my boss suffer. Yas.

      1. Gregory Vendramini says:

        To MAKE my boss suffer*

    2. Gregory Vendramini says:

      I have a once in a lifetime chance to make my boss suffer. Yas.

  8. Zach Breland says:

    I’m willing to give it a shot!

    The winter months have left me a little “bloated,” so this will do me some good!

    By the way Gregory, I have really enjoyed your pieces here on the site!

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:

      Zach! Good to see you here.

      Thanks a lot for the compliment. I try to make my pieces enjoyable, and I’m glad to see at least one person is having a good time!

      Let’s see if you have such a good time after joining our Summer Exercise Challenge!

  9. detrop says:

    I like your jabs to a certain dinosaur movie franchise. =p

    Yah, generally I agree with your approach and mindset. I would like to add a few starting tips too:
    – You should try exercises slightly above your fitness level, whatever that may be, and take your time with it. Very slowly increase the difficulty afterwards.
    – Set a good regular schedule to follow. Consistency helps a lot in keeping the mind frame. Even if it’s just 30 mins everyday for 3-4 days a week. This is what I found very beneficial after following a certain home exercise series for more than two years.
    – Cleaner eating helps a ton in getting closer to your goals be it bulking up like Broly or getting generally fitter like Saitama. Okay, fine, Saitama is beyond fit.

    1. Gregory Vendramini says:

      Clever mug…

      I couldn’t agree more with your points. Setting a schedule and eating habits are my main focus for the next part of the challenge.

      ‘Get in shape’ is the unmarked queen of every New Year’s List, and it’s surprisingly easy to be a little healthier.

      I’ll see you next article!