A-Kon 26 Review

Get your Otaku on.

Harley Gin at A-Kon 26As always, A-Kon never fails to bring out the raging, overly excited Otaku in me. This year was no exception. As an avid con-goer, A-Kon 26 marked my 5 year anniversary of hitting up downtown Dallas, Texas for 4 days, having the time of my life, and waking up Monday morning a little depressed that I had to wait another 365 days until the next A-Kon.

If you are lucky enough to live near a city that hosts an anime convention, I highly recommend you go to one! (Find a local anime convention near you!)

Personally, I feel that going to a convention takes your Otaku level up another notch or two. There’s a huge difference from sitting on the couch/in front of the computer watching anime to sitting in a room full of other Otaku watching your favorite anime. Trust me, it’s always a welcome feeling when people have the same reactions as you do.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to meet up with one of Yatta-tachi’s fans, Kotori, due to schedule conflicts. I’m sure we will meet up eventually. There is always next year!

Oh look! It's me waving like a crazy person....
Oh look! It’s me waving like a crazy person….

I did manage to jump in front of the Crunchyroll livestream to wave hi to those who were online. Our awesome resident-chocobo mug, Detrop, managed to get a screenshot of the lovely event.

Below, I have uploaded a few pictures from the convention, including events such as the Masquerade Ball on Thursday night, to an adorable Sailor Moon cosplaying couple who got engaged in the middle of a photo shoot. Take a look through!

So what happens now?

Well, I will be attending another Dallas, Texas anime convention, AnimeFest, on AnimeFest LogoSeptember 4th-7th. Onward from one convention to another to another and the cycle continues next year! Not like that’s a bad thing. (⌒▽⌒)☆
Be on the look out for a related post of the awesome food purchases I got on my way out of the convention!

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