Yatta-Tachi Eats: Dagashi – Part Four

Nom, nom, nom Dagashi!

Dagashi Kashi was one of the tastiest anime of the Winter 2016 season, but are the snacks featured any good? Let’s find out! For this week, I got 7 more dagashi, some amazing, some absolutely horrible. Want to try them out yourself? Luckily for you, you can buy these and many other awesome Japanese treats at J-List.

If you missed any, you can find them here!

Morinaga Ramune


A bottle of Ramune, or is it? The bottle looks very much like a ramune bottle, with the cap trying to pretend there is a marble in there. Inside there are a bunch of hard white candies,


but without smell or any other interesting features. They dissolve fairly quickly, but have no real flavour outside of a slight citrusy hint and the expected sweetness. Didn’t remind me of ramune at all, sadly.

3 Ramune marbles out of 8.

Cho-Kowai Hanashi Gum


Not just your ordinary gum, it’s super scary story gum! Indeed, this gum comes with a scary story, and a tiny bit of gum. The idea is that the gum will calm down the scary monsters, or at least that is what the anime claims.


Too bad I can’t read the scary story, so all I can talk about is the gum, which is some of the worst gum I’ve ever had. It’s fairly bland and nondescript, and the flavour disappears super quickly.

1 not really all that scary story out of 11.

Oyatsu Parukasu


What you see is what you get with this dagashi, a small stick of meat. It certainly looked like salami, smelled like salami, and boy was I not surprised at all to find out it tasted like salami.


It’s not very good salami, though, very dry and bland with barely a hint of the spices, which is a shame. It’s okay for when you absolutely crave meat and there is nothing else around, but otherwise there are better alternatives.

2 hot dog buns out of 6.



An Italian flag on a Japanese dagashi? Surely this must be some sort of weird crossover that tastes amazing, right? Maybe something pepperoni flavoured? Nah, just some noodles with Italian herbs.


Making it was as easy as making pot noodles, just add water and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Flavour wise it tastes like a pork broth with some spiciness to it. The Italian herb part was not really present sadly, outside of the small bits you could see. It was pretty good, though, even though the theme wasn’t present.

6 pot noodles out of 9.

Cut Yocchan


Weird red pieces of… something. I have no clue what is inside the package, even after having tasted it. It might be some sort of seafood, but I have no clue whatsoever. The smell of it is rather sour, and that sourness does translate into the taste.


Which means it’s probably fermented, although again I am not sure whatsoever. The taste is one of seafood mixed with a ton of that sourness. Not very nice if you ask me, but there are probably some Japanese folk who swear by it.

4 fermented radishes out of 13.

Taberundesu Hi


Want to take a picture? Well too bad. Pressing the button dispenses candy instead. It’s quite a nifty package actually, housing a simple but fairly effective mechanism inside. The insides are filled with hard candy balls, of a variety of colours.


Taste wise they start off tasteless, and only when you wait for quite a while, or bite through it does the flavour start to come out. The insides have a slight sourness to them, but other than that it’s just sugary sweetness. Very underwhelming.

2 camera flashes out of 7.

Sakuranbo no Uta


Simple yet effective, that’s how I would describe this dagashi. It’s a bunch of cherry flavoured hard candy, and from the moment I opened the package, it was clear this was not going to be a tasteless dagashi.


It’s a real sweet, fruity experience, with the cherry flavour being strong but not overpowering. The only real downside is the fact I don’t have more.

9 sakura trees out of 10.

That’s it for part four of this tasty review of the Dagashi Kashi sampler from Jlist.com. Stay tuned for the fifth, and actual final part next week, which my editor assures doesn’t exist to tease you into checking the site again, but instead because my ramblings went on for far too long this week.

Wait, don’t drag me off! I GOT CANDY TO EAT!!

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