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  1. Pedrospr says:

    Loved the 1st season, and now i cannot get enough of the manga. Best manga for me after Berserk (guess i just love dark stories :P)

    1. Laurelin says:

      I LOVED reading Berserk!

  2. Gregory Vendramini says:

    Tokyo Ghoul is one of the anime that still didn’t catch me. The people around me have been treating it like the new SAO, what isn’t an entirely good thing. For this reason, I’ll keep it in my “to watch” list at least until Season 2 is out entirely and people don’t say it’s terrible.

    That means, if your review of Season 2 is good, I’ll give it a try. : D

    1. Laurelin says:

      I hear ya. I tend to be turned off when a series has reached the point of over hype-ness that the shirts are at Hot Topic. Not that that is a bad thing. It can open them up to a whole wealth of different anime to watch. I personally have a like/dislike relationship with SAO. Yet, I will always recommend it and any other anime to try out. What may not be my cup of tea doesn’t mean it may not appeal to someone else. 🙂

      All I can say is this, I like TG enough that I can’t wait for season 3.