Commenting On: The Road to Learning Japanese: Using Your Study Time Wisely

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  1. Nick says:

    Your summary sums up how I feel about WaniKani. It is eating up a WHOLE lot of my study time that I could and should devote to other areas. While I understand the concept of what it presents, I also feel myself being hindered from moving forward as other areas have taken a back seat. I am going to drop it and get back to things I enjoy as far as a study routine, rather than spend lots of hours on this one application.

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      Glad you could relate! Kanji is definitely important when it comes to being able to read, but when it’s the primary skill that you have…yeah, it’s probably a problem. (^^ゞ I’ve been aiming to have a more balanced study routine, as well as scheduling in “fun learning time,” like playing video games in Japanese.

      Good luck with with readjusting your routine!