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  1. Gregory Vendramini says:

    I’m a little suspicious to talk about this, since YYH was my favorite anime during my childhood and probably the first one I was actually into.

    Kuwabara was my favorite character too, but I don’t think he is like Krilin. Krilin was easily overshadowed by Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan, and pretty much everyone else. Kuwabara, on he other hand, was still among the strongest characters in the show and was always one of the first to charge head into a fight. Both were the friendly figure to the main character, yes, but Kuwabara wasn’t forgotten by the author.

    Regarding his ending, I actually liked it: It reminded us that he was still human after all. His worries were more mundane, like getting into a good college and getting a nice job. Whereas Yusuke was the bridge between both words as Spirit Detective and Hiei was completely separated from the Human World, Kuwabara was the extreme opposite: He completely severed his ties with the Demon World and stayed behind to live his life.

    Nice article, Det!