Commenting On: Street Fighter’s Ryu is Inspirational

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  1. Gregory Vendramini says:

    The reason Ryu sticks with the basic moves while Ken gets all the flashy ones is not only to reflect his character traits (as Ryu’s style is more pure, simple), but to make him one of the most effective gateway characters in the history of videogames.

    A newcomer to SF would have a lot of trouble using Zangief during his first match, but Ryu is so basic that almost anyone can use it and have a chance.

    Ryu was never my favorite character, but there’s something about him to respect. He felt like a real martial artist, while Ken was just another character with another life, who just happened to practice martial arts.

    Good TBT! Are you getting SFV this week?

    1. detrop says:

      Totally. Ryu is the pick up and play character. Though depending on your preference and style, you may find faster and more close-combat characters like Balrog (boxer) and Cammy easier to pick up.

      When I was writing, I thought that Ken might have the easy going life. But all the bits and pieces of story as well as the fact that he’s still a match for Ryu tells me that he works really hard too. Imagine juggling family, work, and martial arts to keep up with your bro-friend.

      I think I’ll wait for a little bit before getting SFV. At least till Gouki shows up. Just don’t tell me he has migrated permanently to Tekken 7. Hopefully he’ll be in Ultra Duper Super Street Fighter V Mark. IV.

      1. Gregory Vendramini says:

        Ryu is to SF what Mario is to Smash Bros. It’s the ‘main’ character, not in the sense that they’re the protagonists, but in the sense that they are the characters that define the ‘base’.

        If you see it that way, definitely. Ken might even be better than Ryu: Ryu focus on martial arts and Ken, who juggles a lot more than that, is still able to keep up with him.

        I won’t get SFV at all, unfortunately. I can’t enjoy fighting games as much as I used to when I was younger. Most of my friends are quite competitive players -and very good at it- so you can guess how the matches go.