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  1. Danni Thach says:

    I love Clamp and this is so well written with beautiful images that go well with the explanation

  2. Macoy-chan says:

    I finally found a review about Clamp’s artwork and styles. I got to watch their works because of the details in manga. Badly, it wasn’t the same in the animation.
    I want more intensive review from their artworks and artists’ views. They are now old and I hope God will give them enough strength to inspire others through their magnificent works. I am one of those got hooked of their passion. Since I was in elementary and now I can draw because of them. Thanks!

    1. Astra W says:

      Hey, thanks for the nice comment!
      Like you, I grew up reading their manga and liking their art style. I believe they are still working on Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card now so go and support them by buying their manga.

  3. mibnufajar says:

    Yasss for the continuation of X/1999 (I need a closure!)

    And love your reviews, wish I could read more of it! So little material to read about CLAMP in English.