Star⇄Crossed!! Volume 2 Review (Spoiler‑Free)

The laughs keep coming in Star⇄Crossed!! volume 2!

Chika and Azusa are still switching bodies without a moment’s notice, and in an effort to help them out, Chika’s manager enrolls him into Azusa’s school and moves him into the apartment next door. With the object of her obsession mixing with her daily life, Azusa is finding it hard to keep her personas separate and avoid spilling their shared secret, especially from Fumi. Can these two keep it together long enough for God to sort out this mess?

The Good

Volume 2 picks up right where volume 1 leaves off and immediately jumps into the hijinks, comedy, and tension. Junko throws us some curveballs that shake up traditional clichés and keeps the plot proceeding smoothly. Side characters that volume 1 introduced get more page space this go-around, expanding the world and plot in a fun and interesting way.

The character development gets quite a bit of attention here as well. Chika and Azusa’s relationship sees some nice progression that’s believable and endearing. Slowly but surely, they’re getting used to this body-switching situation, and seeing their comfort in each other’s body increase and their respect when in the other’s body is great. Their comradery is absolutely wonderful.

The Bad

My biggest complaint here is how short the content is. While the book is about the same size as the previous volume, a good chunk of the pages are dedicated to a side-story from Kiss Him, Not Me! So when the final chapter ended on a huge cliffhanger and I quickly flipped to the next page to find out what would happen next, I was instead greeted with over 40 pages of content for a different series. That was kind of disappointing, and for people who haven’t read Kiss Him, Not Me!, it’s not an easy story to follow, and the content included would also constitute as spoilers for KHNM.

The Verdict

Star⇄Crossed!! volume 2 is a good follow-up with just as many laugh-inducing pages as the first. And even though that cliffhanger was criminal, I still definitely recommend this series to fans of the genre.


Story and art by Junko

Translation by Barbara Vincent / amimaru

Lettering by Mohit Dhiman / amimaru

Editing by Vanessa Tenazas

Published by Kodansha Comics

The Good

  • Great balance of comedy and drama
  • Clichés get overhauled
  • Nice character development

The Bad

  • A large portion of the volume is dedicated to KHNM content

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