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  1. Jackson Wyndow says:

    And then there’s Death Parade, which has one of the funnest openings I’ve ever seen despite being heart-wrenching at times.

  2. page777 says:

    Many times I choose an anime to watch because I like the music. Until now, and I don’t think this will change in the future, the best openings for me are:

    * NANA OP1 ( Rose by Anna Tsuchiya )
    * Onegai Teacher OP1 ( Shooting Star by KOTOKO )



    1. page777 says:

      Oh, the “thank you”,,,, for some reason didn’t appear in the message.
      (I made it with a strange font)
      Thank you Poooooooooooonnnnyyyyy !!!

      (。◝‿◜。) hehehe

    2. Gregory Vendramini says:

      I came here just to second ‘Rose’, by Anna Tsuchiya.