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  1. Zeke says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while how they have been sending the letters back in time. One of my ideas was their thoughts are somehow being transported back, similar to what you proposed. It would explain why some of the regrets (like bringing a towel instead of a handkerchief) seem a little odd, we can’t always control our thoughts. I’m really curious to see how (and if) they can answer all of the questions before the end. I am very interested in seeing what happens next and it keeps me coming back every week!

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      Yeah, if they’re each person’s thoughts being sent back, something weird like that would make sense. But then, why are their thoughts bundled up in one package as a bunch of letters? The model of “sending” one letter at a time would make more sense. Also, the letters seem to talk directly to Naho, making me think Adult Naho is very conscious of the fact that High School Naho is receiving the letters. It all seems a little messy…