Commenting On: The State of Japanese Animation in a Post-Miyazaki World

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  1. Chris Brailsford says:

    Hey Cindy, great article! Glad it’s been getting the sharing it deserves!

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      Thanks Chris! It was an interesting talk, and I’m happy to share it with those that couldn’t make it! I hope there’s another discussion concerning the current state of the industry at some point, as well.

  2. Ms Babs says:

    Great review Cindy. Seemed like it was an interesting discussion. Sorry I missed it, but luckily you covered the material in depth so I have a good idea of their opinions. Would be interested in a discussion on increasing the market for anime in the States. Would be great to see some shows on cable TV during regular hours instead of having to watch late at night or subscribe to a special service.

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      Thank you! I’m not sure if that’s the focus of licensing companies at this point in time, since there seems to be a strong desire to work on streaming services, likely to combat illegal streaming and downloading of shows. I’ve always wanted to see more of it on TV, as well, but with people increasingly turning towards the internet to watch shows and movies, I’m not sure we’ll get to see that.

  3. Justin Leach says:

    Hello Cindy! Great write-up on the talk!

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      Oh my goodness! Justin! Thank you so much! My brother talked to you for a while after the talk ended, and you seem like a super nice guy. Thank you for being there and providing everyone with your insight. It was definitely an interesting talk from both you and Dai Sato!

  4. SDShamshel says:

    Thanks for the write up. Even though I went to this talk, I wanted to see if someone had written about it so others could also get in on the conversation.

    One small correction: The Macross series that Dai Sato was talking about was Macross Zero, not Macross Plus.

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      Ah, despite all of my fervent note-taking, I messed up on noting which Macross he was referring to. Thank you for the correction!

      What was your take-away from the talk? I know Dai Sato mentioned 2.5D a lot, but I still think 2D productions will be in the majority for quite some time. As for Justin’s comments on a wider collaborative effort, I definitely see that as a possibility, since there seems to be a lot of news lately of Japanese companies partnering up with American ones, the latest being Kadokawa and Crunchyroll (though I don’t know exactly what will come of that).