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  1. Pedro Henrique Moura says:

    I feel like Haruchika is a bit contradictory. Basically they put together two different settings, the music and the mystery, and worked their way around to make a bit related and entertaining. And to be honest, it’s working, I mean, after I realized it’s not a “focused on music anime”.

    I agree with you. This episode had the most development on the music part, because while other episodes showed the characters practicing, this one actually showed how Chika feels about being behind others.
    But on the metaphor part was lacking. It should’ve explained to us what was the real story. I feel simply like “was that it?” when it was over.

    Something similar to Haruchika’s storytelling (fixed group of characters “working” for others that may or may not become regulars) works much better if it has lots of episode. Take a look at Sket Dance. For me, it took a while to become really good, but if it had only 12 episodes, it would be completely forgettable.