Commenting On: Haruchika Episode 10 (Jabberwock’s License) Review

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  1. Pedro Henrique Moura says:

    As you said, the weakness of the episode was not only tricking us, but also a let down mystery. To be honest, the episode itself wasn’t well thought up. When the mystery was simpler, the focus should be on the main characters and develop them. In this case, we had a development regarding the teacher, but it was so minor it didn’t get our attention enough.

    There should be something interesting in the last episodes, but to be honest, the music part should be out of the picture.

    1. Julian Cadena says:

      Hey, how’s it going, Pedro!

      Believe me when I say I have been reading your comments. Life has been busy and such, but I do read your comments, so thanks a million!

      As for HaruChika, the music aspect is something that could have been handled better. I usually like the mysteries, but this one was a step-down for me. Hopefully the finale will make up for it all!