Commenting On: Why Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is One of the Best Shows this Season

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  1. Shaki says:

    Just finished the first season and I loved everything about the anime. It just grows on you and you just want to keep watching. Will probably review it at some point but an awesome review I must admit.

    I also got the ‘Is it wrong to try pick up girls in a dungeon’ vibes.

  2. Pedro Henrique Moura says:

    I already said this before, but Grimgar is a fantasy slice of life. It’s interesting since we normally see this setting in shoujo stories (of course, with a more romantic view), but the focus on fight for living is very well done here.
    On thing interesting, or perhaps a plot hole, is the fact the characters only considered fighting for living. They could’ve chosen another craft, which would fail as a plot, it would fit perfectly the show realism.
    I can see why the slow pace annoy people, but people should try a bit more before giving up completely.

  3. Julian Cadena says:

    Nice to meet you, Zack! I’m actually reviewing this series and I like what you said about Grimgar, so good job with the article!

    Grimgar is definitely a good series of Winter 2016! I look forward to watching more and seeing how it all plays out!

    1. Zach Breland says:

      Nice to meet you too, Julian! I’m glad you liked the article. It means I did something right!

      I’ve been reading your reviews, and they’re good!

      Yeah, I’m definitely interested to see how Grimgar plays out. I look forward to see how it handles its characters the rest of the way through.