Commenting On: Five Japanese Horrors: Curses and Urban Legends

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  1. Diya Ghosh says:

    I liked the article. But the Colonel’s Curse was a bit incomplete. The Colonel was actually the founder and mascot of the opposing team. Actually the curse was that until the whole of the statue was recovered the Hanshin Tigers will never win a match. Since the whole of the statue was not found the team has not won any championship.

    1. Cindy Caraturo says:

      You are correct about the statue still missing its left hand (as well as its original glasses), but that’s not quite the reason they threw him in the river. People who resembled different members of the Tigers jumped into the river, but no one looked like the first baseman Randy Bass (since he isn’t Japanese). The closest “person” they could find was Colonel Sanders (he was both not Japanese and had a beard like Randy Bass).


  2. detrop says:

    I got a giggle out of the Colonel’s Curse bit.

  3. Harley Gin says:

    Well, that goes me sleeping tonight and leave all the lights on in the apartment.