Dimension W Episode 9 (The Key to Adrastea) Review

Memories and the Universe!

This episode of Dimension W is different from the other episodes. Some may see this episode as one big information dump, but I saw it as a different method to progress the story and fill in those missing questions we have been pondering over for the last few episodes. We definitely did learn a lot from this episode, but, with that being said, did this episode live up to the hype? Let’s get into it.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen this episode, I would recommend that you stop here. If you haven’t watched the series, please have a look at my first impression of Dimension W, it’s spoiler free!

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9

Picking up from where the last episode left off, we get to see Loser show off his new numbers gear he has been collecting, along with finding out that he invented the energy shield. I have to admit, the animation and coloring palates used to show off Loser’s energy shield and numbers coils are appealing; actually, the art and coloring for the majority of this episode looked great. Knowing Kyoma has memory loss of the events that took place at Easter Island and Adrastea, Loser doesn’t permit Kyoma through, causing his entrance into ground zero being sealed off. With the ominous blue sphere making Kyoma unconscious, Loser brings up an interesting point of the blue sphere searching for the “key” only Kyoma has. We later find out that it is the key to Adrastea Loser is referring to, but my questions lie in the key itself. Why does Kyoma have it? I’m also slightly curious about what it looks like too.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9

This is where the episode goes into a back-and-forth flashback, as we see events of the past between Salva and Kyoma. Seeing more backstory between the two answers questions and shows the significance of their character. For Salva, it’s the war that took place in Isla and Lwai’s accident, then for Kyoma, it was his mission to find Haruka Seameyer, who has been causing mayhem on New Tesla. Seameyer is….a special individual; he’s basically a mad scientist who was a student of Dr. Yurizaki. Being a mad scientist and all, his rebellion is due to his quest for the “Freedom” of science, or in this case, his desire to keep up his gruesome experiments. Although his motive isn’t anything new, it does explain his actions a bit as well as the existence of the blue sphere, but we’ll get into that here in a bit.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9

We transition back into the present to see Loser and Ellie approach a giant chamber with “Adrastea” written on it, which leads to ground zero! Loser does raise questions, though. He brings up that he needs more numbers and Sofia’s name, whom we saw in the flashback. He also mentions a gate, a transporter, and the fact that Sofia has something to do with it. I’m sure this will be explained later, but I’m willing to bet this is connected to Loser and Adrastea. I am also curious about what exactly the transporter and gate do. Actually, the entirety of ground zero and Adrastea has yet to be explained. With that being said, the buildup is getting bigger, which raises my excitement for something even bigger. Speaking of something bigger, the next few scenes get exciting and beautiful at the same time. Remember those flashbacks we have been seeing? Well, all of it, including Seameyer and the blue sphere, are connected! During Kyoma’s flashback, he appears in front of Salva, then slips out of it to discover that he is in a gap where every memory in existence is. Seameyer also shows up and claims memories make up the universe; it is all of existence, he says! After witnessing that, we can now see what the blue sphere is, or rather, who. The scenes with Kyoma floating in the memories look fantastic. The coloring palates and art displayed is top notch and it felt as if I were there, which added to my enjoyment value as a viewer.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 9 After finding out what the blue sphere is, we get another vital piece of information that involves Miyabi. Finding out that Mira was built to save Miyabi blows out theories of Mira being Miyabi, but even so, the two are still connected, which gives Mira’s character more meaning. Speaking of Mira, it looks like she has her hands tied with a giant robot, and with Kyoma out of commission, things could go bad if Mira doesn’t do something!

The episode was very good. Although it feels like it overused flashback scenes, it answered some questions, raised some questions, and had some gorgeous scenes to boot! With only a few episodes left, I assume this is when things will starting climaxing until the big finish. Bring it on, Dimension W!

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