Dimension W Episode 6 (The Wind of Africa) Review

The Winds of Africa.

Dimension W is the type of series that knows what it is doing when it comes to its story and progression. It leaves hints and foreshadowing of possible events that could take place later. This episode is an example of that and more.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen this episode, I would recommend that you stop here. If you haven’t watched the series, please have a look at my first impression of Dimension W, it’s spoiler free!

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 6 (The Wind of Africa)

From the very start, we get introduced to the Winds of Africa, or Salva and his servant, Lasithi. Their overall presence just scream relevance all over the place, since their character designs stand out from the others and for Dimension W using different ethnicities instead of the usual Asian characters is something I enjoy. I feel like Dimension W is the type of series that likes to touch on a subject and character traits lightly, come back and hint at it, then remind the audience that what it hinted at is still relevant. An example of this is when Mary and her crew are examining Mira; her body functions are still a mystery and Dimension W definitely has no plan on letting us forget either. Another plot point was Kyoma’s relation to the apparently deceased Miyabi, which definitely has something to do with Kyoma’s past and could lead up to something interesting soon.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 6 (The Wind of Africa)

The episode starts picking up the moment Kwai, or Loo, meets Kyoma. Knowing that he’s in league with the Winds of Africa and judging from his character design, we know he is more than meets the eye and not just as a character either. While Kyoma and Loo are together, they meet up with Tsubaki so that she can fix Kyoma’s clothes from the skirmish we saw earlier, but she knows more about Kyoma and his past, especially since they talk as if they used to work together or something. With that, we are left with more questions about Kyoma and his past. He wants to obtain what he lost, but what did he lose? Was it Miyabi? His life as a Beast of Grendel? There are even more questions left unanswered and finding out those answers is a key factor in events that will take place later down the road. Also, knowing that Kyoma has some sort of ambition or goal was a nice moment for his character.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 6 (The Wind of Africa)

After Lasithi finds Loo, we learn through Kyoma that Loo has an artificial body and with that, it leads to Loo attacking Mary and her organization to deliver a message, “be at Easter Island in 7 days.” Hmmm! When Loo attacked Mary and her robot, I received World Trigger vibes from his design. He looks almost like Yuma when he is using his black trigger and Loo having white hair and red eyes adds to the similarity in the character designs, which I found enjoyable. Being a sci-fi series, Dimension W is bound to have some characters that look similar to other characters, but it’s how Dimension W expresses those characters that matters in the end. Speaking of characters, it seems our friendly Loser is at it again with the numbers and it seems he needs one more to make something happen.  Again, even more questions appear. What is Loser planning? And how will it affect everyone? I know I am repeating myself when I say this, but Dimension W knows what it is doing when it comes to progressing the story. Not only does it continue the plot for the present episode, but it also keys in on characters and outside events that foreshadow plot points that remain relevant with many questions yet to be answered and that is something I respect about Dimension W.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 6 (The Wind of Africa)

All in all, the episode was good. The setup for Salva’s war plan at Easter Island should be interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how that will go down. I also await how the various little plot points we have will interact with the main story as well. There is so much Dimension W has to work with and witnessing on how it will handle all of it is definitely going to be a treat, if done right. We are at the halfway point and Dimension W is still going strong! Keep it up!!

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