Dimension W Episode 11 (The Lost Genesis) Review

Possibility & Intelligence

This is it, you guys. The end of the winter 2016 season is approaching us and with it, Dimension W‘s finale. Many events took place and questions were answered, setting things up for the final episode. This was a good episode, but I’ll explain further on how.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen this episode, I would recommend that you stop here. If you haven’t watched the series, please have a look at my first impression of Dimension W, it’s spoiler free!

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 11 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 11

With Dimension W coming to an end, it’s also that time where previously unexplained plot points come into fruition. Questions that have yet to be explained become known, and characters that have meaning to the story appear for the final showdown. We see all of this happen when questions about Lwai’s bodies are answered, along with the explanation of how the bodies function and their drawbacks. The episode is centered around a flashback to tie up loose ends. The episode also provides some action before the final showdown that will take place in the finale. This is demonstrated when the majority of the cast gather together to enter the transporter room by destroying multiple robots that were guarding the room. The moment everyone comes together is where loose ends tie up along with thrilling events.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 11 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 11

With the aid of Loser, everyone is exposed to the flashback that contains many interesting points. First off is the transporter incident, the statement of life and its connection with Dimension W, then the explanation that possibility and intelligence cannot be observed. All of that is related not only to Dimension W, but Genesis, the ultimate coil that controls everything. Even with the finale approaching, Dimension W does not fail to inform us on what we need to know and although it can feel a bit rushed, it is told in a way that is organized to keep the flashback from being an information dump. Speaking of Genesis, we find out that it was actually Dr. Yurizaki that proposed its creation, but was halted for being too dangerous, much to Seameyer’s dismay. At this point, we know enough about Genesis to assume that tampering with it can lead to major consequences, but I can’t help but have a dissatisfaction towards the concept about Genesis. Knowing how Genesis is too dangerous would help clarify things since we are not told why or how it is dangerous; telling me that it is the ultimate coil is not enough to sell me on the fact.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 11JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 11The final bit of information we received is the meat of this episode as well as gruesome. With Seameyer not happy about the Genesis project being shut down, it turns out that it was all a facade and that he already finished the research for it. During the same scene, we also bear witness to him committing what is basically acts of murder by transporting scientists to their death. While it is not the goriest thing I have ever seen, it can scare some viewers if they are sensitive to scenes involving blood. The next few scenes show what took place when Kyoma appeared to stop Seameyer and obtain Genesis. Kyoma apparently took Genesis to the smaller chunk of Adrastea, while Seameyer went to the larger bit of it, thus ending the flashback. With Kyoma being the only one to know where Genesis is, this ties him to the plot further. My gripe is that it is not explained how Kyoma lost his memories, along with that, there are enough missing links around for the finale to fill in. Actually, I am anticipating the final episode to wrap up any and all questions that can be answered at this point. I know the story continues in the manga, but given what we have so far, there is enough content to provide for an exciting finale. I just hope Dimension W can keep that level of consistency for next week. Give me all you got, Dimension W!

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