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  1. Lauren W says:

    Thank you Greg! And I can see your point, it was a fast character shift. I think the show’s creators probably had a lot of material to work with (the manga is a lot longer and more detailed from what I’ve heard) and they had to pick and choose so to speak.

    And I have played with the idea of villains! I do love a good villain (I wrote a paper on Iago from Othello in college) and to explore their inner-workings would be challenging but it’s a challenge I’d be willing to take up! Any suggestions? I know you’ve got a few favorites 😉

  2. Gregory Vendramini says:

    I really liked Mikasa, and that scene during episode 7 (I think) was actually one of my favorite scenes ever. For a moment, I really thought that Eren was gone and Mikasa would be the protagonist of the series, and EVERYTHING was set up perfectly for that to happen.

    What I don’t like, on the other hand, is how fast she changed. I mean, I understand that kind of trauma would change a person, but somehow, I didn’t believe the younger, joyful girl would become the same girl we see later, cutting titans and kicking asses. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get to see enough of the young Mikasa.

    Great article Lauren, as usual. Can’t wait to see your take on other complex characters. Oh, and here’s a suggestion/request: Do you like villains? Personally, I think that when a villain’s personality is well built, it has the power to become the most powerful character in any work. Understanding the mind and reasons of certain antagonists is wonderful.