Bustafellows – Mozu Walkthrough

"We each have one reason or another to do this."

Bustafellows Content Warnings: This route includes scenes depicting murder and violence.

Mozu Route Guide

Mozu talking to Teuta who's standing behind him.

Things to keep in mind: These Bustafellows walkthrough guides are as spoiler-free as possible, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game. You are unable to make saves when a choice is on the screen. To get around this, go to the backlog, rewind to the text box just before the choice, and save from that point. Side A of each character route will replay that character’s last chapter, but Side B is an epilogue. Once it’s unlocked, you must select it and play through the story to complete the route. To get the bad end, you can either make a save where specified, or from the character file you can select Side A.

Good Ending

  1. Tails
  2. About this city’s entertainment
  3. It had multiple keys attached
  4. A sports bar
  5. I thought you were handsome
  6. Forget money, I want a scoop
  7. Just quit smoking
  8. Right
  9. You all get along, huh?
  10. Yes
  11. No
  12. No
  13. Yes
  14. Yes
  15. Yes
  16. Yes
  17. Yes
  18. No
  19. No
  20. The classmates and teachers
  21. Give up and run out of the motel
  22. I hope I can meet her
  23. Thanks, but no thanks
    (Save 1)
  24. I hope you find clues about Yuzu
  25. I can’t tell what it was thinking
  26. I don’t know
  27. You have to help Ivy!
    (Good End)

Bad End

Load Save 1

  1. I hope they solve the case soon
  2. I think it wanted to thank you
  3. I’m glad you talked to me
  4. You have to help Professor Troy
    (Bad End)

Bustafellows Walkthrough Guides

  1. Scarecrow
  2. Helvetica
  3. Shu
  4. Mozu (You are here!)
  5. Limbo

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