Bustafellows – Limbo Walkthrough

"The law protects the world in name only. But me? I protect when I think is right."

Bustafellows Content Warnings: This route includes scenes depicting human trafficking, murder, and suicide.

Limbo Route Guide

Limbo laying on the ground with fake blood coming from his mouth.

Things to keep in mind: These Bustafellows walkthrough guides are as spoiler-free as possible, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game. You are unable to make saves when a choice is on the screen. To get around this, go to the backlog, rewind to the text box just before the choice, and save from that point. Side A of each character route will replay that character’s last chapter, but Side B is an epilogue. Once it’s unlocked, you must select it and play through the story to complete the route. To get the bad end, you can either make a save where specified or from the character file you can select Side A.

This guide also contains the choices needed for an Extra story. Once Limbo’s route is complete, make sure to go through and read all of the new folders available from the Start screen, read all of the Extra stories, read all of the Archives, and use the Music Player to unlock the last few Archives and Memorabilia to 100% complete the game.

Good Ending

  1. Heads
  2. About this city’s crimes
  3. It was a shoehorn
  4. (Let the time run out)
  5. I thought you were handsome
  6. Forget money, I want a scoop
  7. Just quit smoking
  8. (Let the time run out)
  9. You all get along, huh?
  10. Yes
  11. No
  12. Yes
  13. Yes
  14. No
  15. No
  16. No
  17. Yes
  18. Yes
  19. No
  20. (Let the time run out)
  21. Let’s play for it
  22. Stop it from spinning as I flick it with my index finger
  23. I hope you find her soon
  24. Let me take a puff
    (Save 1)
  25. Let’s not
  26. I don’t want to hear it
  27. You should listen to Valerie
  28. Don’t break up the fight
  29. Stay silent
  30. Hold his hand
    (Save 2)
  31. Agreed
  32. Don’t switch the glasses
    (Save 3)
  33. I won’t die, no matter what.
    (Good End)

Bad End

Load Save 3

  1. Cast my life away for Limbo
    (Bad End)

Memorabilia Unlock

Load Save 2

  1. I’m against it
    (Once the notification appears in the top right corner, you can quit.)

CG Variant Unlock

Load Save 1

  1. Looks like fun
    (Once the scene has ended, you can quit.)

Extra Story: JOKER

To unlock all items from this story, you must replay the game 3 times. You can either save just before the first choice, or select the story from the Extra folder each time. It’s very short, so there’s not much of a difference.

Playthrough 1

  1. Middle
  2. Keep playing as-is
  3. I’m not swapping them out and that’s final!

Playthrough 2

  1. Left

Playthrough 3

  1. Middle
  2. Keep playing as-is
  3. Maybe I should swap them out after all

Bustafellows Walkthrough Guides

  1. Scarecrow
  2. Helvetica
  3. Shu
  4. Mozu
  5. Limbo (You are here!)

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