Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue Overview and Spoiler‑Free Walkthrough Hub

A story about girls flying through the sky and experiencing love.

Content Warnings: Aokana is rated M for partial nudity, sexual themes, and strong language on the Switch and Steam. Please check the ESRB website for more information. The MangaGamer version is rated AO for sexual content.

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Aokana Story

Masaya Hinata lives on an island where no matter which direction you look, a beautiful blue color can be seen between the sky and the sea. This sight used to bring him joy, but not any longer.

It’s been a few years since he suddenly retired from a sport called Flying Circus—a game where players use special shoes to fly through the air. Since his sudden departure from the popular sport, Masaya has avoided everything to do with the sky, and he planned to keep it that way. But fate has something else in store for the young ex-Skywalker.

When Asuka Kurashina transfers to his school and experiences her first flight with him, she quickly becomes addicted to the feeling. After more than a little pushing and prodding from Asuka and other friends, Masaya begrudgingly agrees to help revive their school’s FC club and coach the girls who are desperate to fly. As their bonds deepen, Masaya is forced to face his past and the reason he left FC to begin with. Will he find the wings he discarded so long ago, or, like Icarus, will he fall into the ocean once more?

Aokana Characters

Masaya Hinata

Aokana Masaya on the beach talking into an earpiece. The picture is from the anime instead of the game.
(Picture taken from the anime.)

Once known as a child prodigy in the FC world, he suddenly abandoned the sport with no explanation as to why. After meeting Asuka, he agrees to return in the capacity of coach to help revive the Kunahama FC club.

Asuka Kurashina

Aokana Asuka in a white dress flying just above the ocean, backwards. Flying fish surround her.

Asuka is a new transfer student to Kunahama, and she’s never flown before. After experiencing her first flight and first FC match soon after moving, she’s dying to know more. With some help, this happy-go-lucky girl convinces Masaya to teach her the ins and outs of flying and FC. Asuka is voiced by Natsu Sawata.

Misaki Tobisawa

Aokana Misaki flying in her school uniform. She's reaching her right hand behind her towards the player.

Misaki has been friends with Masaya for years now. Known as a gluttonous, lazy, super intelligent girl, it takes a lot to get her to do something she doesn’t want to, and it’s even harder to keep her from doing the things she does want to do. After taking an interest in FC, she helps convince Masaya to coach her and the other girls. Misaki is voiced by Yuri Konno.

Mashiro Arisaka

Aokana Mashiro is flying in her school uniform. The view is from below her, and the sky is behind her.

Mashiro is the President, VP, and only member of the Obsessed with Misaki club. A year younger than the others, Mashiro finds every opportunity to spend time with Misaki and ends up joining the FC club to do just that. She’s cute and energetic, outspoken, loves video games, and hates anything that feels like work. Mashiro is voiced by Mito Sera.

Rika Ichinose

Aokana Rika sitting at her desk in front of her window. She's resting her elbows on the desk, and her hands are steepled together.

After a recent move ends up making her Masaya’s neighbor, and after some slip-ups, the two become unlikely friends. Rika attends Takafuji, though, which is one of the biggest FC schools in the area, so most of their interactions happen through their respective bedroom windows. She’s straightforward, hard working, and can be very stubborn at times. Rika is voiced by Mako Mishiro.

Aokana Gameplay and Other Info

Aokana is a very basic GalGame VN. There are girls to date, choices to make, and more CGs than almost any other VN I’ve played. Seriously, there are a ton.

The game is decently long—I spent over 30 hours to complete it, with the common route taking up the bulk of this time. Each love interest only has one ending, and there’s a general bad end if none of the girls are locked onto. As far as gameplay goes, that’s about it.

Aokana Saki Inui flying in her flight suit.

Sprite, the publisher, also released a fandisc called Extra 1 that is available on MangaGamer and Steam, but in 2018, Sprite ceased all operations, causing the second Extra fandisc and the sequel, Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm: Zwei to be put on hold. However, in November of 2019, Sprite resumed operations, and in June of 2020 officially announced the second Extra. There is no word yet on if they’re still planning to make the sequel.

Aokana Walkthrough Guides

All four love interests are available at the beginning of the game and can be played in any order. That being said, Asuka is considered the ‘True End’, and I recommend playing her last. The others do not matter quite as much, but I personally think the best order to play is: Mashiro > Rika > Misaki > Asuka.

Game Information: Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Manga Gamer. The review and guides are based on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.


Director/Producer: Akira Sakamoto

Developers: Sprite, NekoNyan, PQube

Lead Writer: Nachi Kio

Artwork and Character Design: Suzumori and Itsuka Yuuki

Music: Elements Garden

English Translator: Christian Ehrmanntraut

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