AnimeFest 2016 Cosplay Contest (Pre-Show/Pt. 1)

By Katy Castillo

Awards from Japanese Industry guests and a song performance too!

Yatta-Tachi attended AnimeFest 2016 in Dallas, Texas this past weekend, and it was a four day long convention which featured “cosplay, American voice actors from anime, artists, vendors and exhibits, panels, workshops, and gaming.” (source: Wikipedia)

Today, we present to you photos from the AnimeFest 2016 Cosplay Contest Pre-show! The Japanese industry guests were allowed to pick their favorite cosplay and present them with a gift. Afterward, Fumi Hirano surprised the attendees with a song performance of the opening to Urusei Yatsura!

Cosplayer Contestants in Pre-Show:

Sailor Moon – Jennyfer Ramos (Klutzy Bunny Cosplay)

Space Dandy – Jeremiah McCown

If you’re one of these cosplayers, please comment below with your information so we can give you proper credit! Thanks to everyone for the amazing cosplay, and be sure to check out our other AnimeFest 2016 articles

About AnimeFest

AnimeFest was founded in 1992 to promote Japanese Animation. “It is [their] mission to educate the public about animation, cinema, art, music, games, crafting, costume design, dance, and other forms of traditional and popular culture and art.” (source: AnimeFest)


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