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  1. LadyAJ says:

    I know this is a semi old list but I thought I’d point out that Witch Hunter Robin is on Funimation right now for anyone interested.

  2. Tina says:

    Great list! I’ve watched a couple of the above, so I trust your taste (Moribito & Claymore & Nana, of which I love them alll). Starting Yona now! Thanks for the great recommendations.

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      You’re welcome! I absolutely love Yona of the Dawn! Hope they come out with another season soon! If not, there is the manga! <3

  3. Deevataeya says:

    Well, this might not apply since the girl characters aren’t the only main character but give Fairy Tail a try. I really loved it. It has some Badass female characters with pretty sad pasts. But it’s an overall great anime/manga.

  4. lone says:

    kino’s journey, princess tutu, spice and wolf.

    1. lone says:

      also twelve kingdoms

  5. ChiGurh18 says:

    Claymore is great, but I don’t know if the fit the ‘Zero F’s Given’ criteria as they try to humanize the half-breeds with the emotional aspect of the character development dealing with having to be these stuck-in-the-middle creatures. Black Lagoon would be perfect, as all the females are badass mercs would don’t back down or take no ‘ish and don’t give a fahhhhk, and there are a lot of these females in this show.

  6. Jackson Wyndow says:

    You mention Hellsing Ultimate, but that show has two strong female leads (Seras and Integra).

    Also, Black Lagoon.

  7. realsmart987 says:

    Did you leave out Alita from Battle Angel Alita because she’s only found in manga or because she does “give a f***” in some cases?

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      I haven’t seen that show so I can’t say if it fits the criteria or not, but I will look into it! Thank you!