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Katy Castillo (Harley Gin)

Yatta-Tachi Katy Castillo Harley Gin
Owner & Editor-in-Chief of Yatta-Tachi! She/Her. You can find me discussing anime/manga, yelling about the importance of accessibility/inclusiveness, UX/Visual Design, and how much I love food on Twitter and Instagram.
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Associate Editor/Web Developer

Chris Brailsford (cbrails)


While I mostly help build and maintain the Yatta-Tachi website, I also contribute to editing duties and occasionally write an article or two. I’m a self-proclaimed geek in many different ways, and am happy I can bring that devotion to this website!
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Assistant Editors

Astra Wijaya (Detrop)

Yatta-Tachi Detrop

I am a Chocobo mug who loves puns and is driven by the thirst for nostalgia. You will usually find me writing about days past like an old person. Other than that, I usually gawk at different visual arts or exercising my fingers on games. Or napping in the kitchen cabinet.

Amanda Nicole Russell (nicole)

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Staff Members

Bill Curtis (AnimeLiteweight)

Bill Curtis (Intermediate Contributor)

Manga nerd, music teacher. In a punk band, probably also in a bar somewhere. Read my blog at theanimeliteweight.wordpress.com.

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Daryl Harding (DoctorDazza)

Writer/Video Maker/Freelancer living in Japan making stuff about the things he loves.


Blade-Licking Thieves Podcast Host

Grant Jones (grantthethief)

Grant's Avatar

Grant was born beneath the Death Omen Star and was the sole inheritor of a 2,000-year-old pun art. Now he wanders the wastelands of anime and Toku fandom displaying the invincibility of his bad joke technique.

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Shaddai Berron