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  1. SC says:

    Hi! I’m the F!Ardyn Izunia cosplayer! My Instagram handle is @sugar.code!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Awesome job! I’ve added your handle to the photo caption!

  2. Ethan Morning says:

    The second Award photo with the Elias sosplay is by Die Fantasy Cosplay. Thank you for taking the pictures. Thank you!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve updated the photo with the info!

  3. MasamuneWG says:

    Hello I am the Guts cosplayer! (Black armor and giant black sword) won best armor! My social handle is @MasamuneWG Cosplay on Insta and FB. Thanks for the photo!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      No problem, and your cosplay looked great! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Lee ann says:

    I cosplay princess mipha from BOTW. My instagram is Ice_conwell.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve added your IG handle to your pics!

  5. Bao Vu says:

    I was the Ryoma ( Fire Emblem Fates ) from the contest!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Thanks for letting us know! I updated your images with your handle!