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  1. Alex Wells says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for taking and posting these, but I was the Voltron Keith (picture number 5), and if it wasn’t too much trouble, could I be tagged as Kuroda_P on Instagram (or Kuroda-P on Cosplay Amino)? Thank you again!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this! We’ve updated the image caption with your info!

  2. Kaiser Kitsune says:

    Hi! Thanks for taking all these awesome pictures! I’m in pic #107 cosplaying as the Rose Prince designed by Sakizou!
    I am on instagram as @kaiserkitsune!

    Thank you again!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      You’re very welcome! We’ve updated the caption with your IG info. Did you also want us to tag you in our J-Fashion show collection?

      1. Kaiser Kitsune says:

        Yes please! 🙂

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Great, we appreciate you letting us know! We’ve updated the caption with the FB info!

  3. Cassandra Nixon says:

    Hi everyone! I am the Mami. My cosplay page is Cassandra Rain.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Thanks for letting us know! We’ve updated the caption with your FB info!

  4. Hector Ruiz says:

    I was the Sub-Zero cosplayer. My twitter is @WHC_MSwordsman and my Facebook is under my name Hector Ruiz.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Great job! We went ahead and added your info to the caption!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Very nicely done! I bet it was a pain wearing those tails all day. We’ve updated the captions with your information!

  5. Heaven says:

    Yay these are great! I’m the solo Star Guardian Poppy! Hovering over the photo I believe it’s number 61? Thanks for the great pic! You can find me on instagram and facebook at @heavencosplay !

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      No problem at all, and great job on the cosplay! We’ve updated the caption with your social media info!

  6. Licca's Dollhouse Cosplay Studio says:

    Hey there! I was the Naka in picture 41 and 42!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Good job! We’ve updated the captions with your Facebook info! And don’t forget about the image near the end with you holding your award!

  7. Courtney says:

    Hi, I’m the Fierce Deity Link from the cosplay contest. My name is Courtney and my fb page is Courtney’s Cosplay

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Awesome work! We’ve updated the captions with your Facebook info!

  8. Lee says:

    I cosplay Arturia Pendragon my cosplay name is Ice-conwell.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      Very nice! We’ve updated the caption with your information!

  9. Katerina Frantzikinakis says:

    The 4th and 5th photos are me! My facebook page is called Saitus Cosplay and my instagram is @saituscosplay

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      That was an awesome costume, though I imagine super hard to move around in! We’ve updated the caption for your pictures with your info!

  10. Wolf and Rabbit Cosplay says:

    Hi! We’re the Lina and Gourry from the cosplay contest: Photos 26 and 27. We are Wolf and Rabbit Cosplay, and our Social Media account is Instagram: @wolfandrabbitcosplay

    Thank you so much! Awesome photos!

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      It was our pleasure! We’ve updated the captions for your images with your info!

  11. Erin says:

    I am picture no 3, kenpachi. I won best in show wig! It was my first contest, thank you for taking photos. My Facebook page can be found via Meltdown Cosplay.

    1. Chris Brailsford says:

      No problem at all! We’re very glad to do so, and happy you won for that awesome wig! We’ve updated the caption with your info!

  12. Charles/TWWK says:

    A-Kon is a lot of fun! I haven’t been in several years, but I enjoyed going as press in the past, making connections that I think ultimately were beneficial both for our site and for the panelists/cosplayers/voice actors/con-goers in question. While we’ll never have the beautiful pandemonium of the humongous cons on the coasts, A-Kon does pretty well here in our neck of the woods.

    1. Katy Castillo says:

      Actually, A-Kon broke 30,000+ attendees last year making it the second largest convention in the United States! Moving to the new venue I wouldn’t be surprised if they give AX a run for their money.

      1. Charles/TWWK says:

        Woh, has it gotten that big? I thought Otakon and some of the others had over 50,000 attendees, but they might have shrunk the last few years. Regardless, 30,000 is a ton. I’m glad they’re doing so well – I had positive experiences at A-Kon as press in the past. Though it still has a ways to go to reach AX’s 100,000 haha, though I’m not sure that’s even a goal worth trying to attain. What a mess that would be (not that I wouldn’t want to attend one day).