Where can I watch Attack On Titan Season 2?

Here's where you can legally watch the series!

In less than 24 hours and after waiting (impatiently) for 4 years, the next season of Attack on Titan will premiere! Now here’s the question that everyone has been asking: WHERE THE @#$% CAN I WATCH IT?!?!

Well, my good friend,  you have come to the right place. Below I have compiled a list of legal streaming sites where they have acquired the license to stream the show and what regions they are available in. PLEASE NOTE: region availability may change so be sure to check your favorite legal streaming site and see if they will be streaming it as well.




  • Visit the Wakanim
  • Cost: 5€ per month
  • Regions Available: Metropolitan France and Overseas, Benelux, Switzerland, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, Canada, French-speaking Africa
  • Announcement Article

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