Top 10 Yatta-Tachi Articles of Winter 2016

Here is our top 10 most popular articles of this Winter season. Did yours make the list?


Is Spring here yet? I would like to smell some sakura blossoms and sneeze afterwards. *Sniffle* Well, it is only February and 2016 is already shaping up to be a very interesting year for us at Yatta-Tachi. Why? You readers have been amazing at supporting what we do here!

Of the many articles that we have written, here are the top 10 most popular ones of Winter 2016:

Anime and Mental Health: The Connection

Anime and Mental Health: The Connection

It is very interesting to see how anime as a medium can fit people with mental issues in its often fantastical settings. This article looks at how the issues affect the story, characters, and even become integral part of the whole experience.

Ultimate List of Legal Anime Streaming Sites and What Countries They Are Available In

Legal Anime Streaming Sites

I think the title is self explanatory here. This article is a long list of legal sites where you can get your daily (or hourly, we do not judge) dose of anime. Why should you start subscribing to legal site? Well, because that will be explained in the article below!

Why Should We Stop Pirating in 2016

Credit to:

If you like anime (as well as manga and games) you SHOULD consider paying for streaming subscription services. Greg explains it in this controversial article. In short, if you love something, support it!

Will Castle in the Sky Break Twitter’s Tweet Record (Again)?

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Did you know there is a yearly trend of tweeting “Balse”, “バルス” or “barusu” during the annual screening of Laputa: Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ)? It is one of those things that the Japanese people like to do to show their love for the Studio Ghibli animation. They set a record back in 2013, but did they break it this year?

Best Anime Tattoo Artists And Where to Find Them

Best Anime Tattoo Artists and where to find them

This remains one of the most popular posts since the birth of our site. With all the beautiful tattoos of your favorite characters, you only need to choose the artist closest to you. Be sure to get one that stands out enough so that senpai can notice you.

Morid Rumor About My Neighbor Totoro Shot Down by Toshio Suzuki


Top 6 Popular and Adorable Anime Pets in History

Who spreads these kinds of rumors? I will give them an earful. Totoro is one of my favorite Studio Ghibli creations. Any weird rumors like this will get a Chocobo Kick from me.

Best Anime Tattoo Artist And Where to Find Them Pt. 2

Best Anime Tattoo Artists and where to find them

Just in case you need to find more tattoo artists in other parts of the world. Or perhaps senpai still does not notice you (C’mon senpai, how can you be so dense!?).

Winter 2016 Anime Hashtags

Winter 2016 Anime Hashtags

When you are a bonafide soc-med butterfly, you need to use the right #hashtags for the 2016 Winter anime. Again, Katy has you covered with a huge list of them. Also useful as a refresher since it is the middle of the season.

The Best Anime of Fall 2015

The Best Anime of Fall 2015

Some of you may have a huge backlog of anime to watch. Maybe you have yet to start on last season’s anime. Or perhaps, like me, you are just waiting for the crème de la crème of the season. Well, this article has you covered like fallen leaves! Or snow, since this is supposed to be winter. Courtesy of Crunchyroll user Swaggercandy.

The Waifu & Husbando of Winter 2016

The Waifu & Husbando of Winter 2016 Anime Season

Also a self-explanatory post about a survey conducted at Crunchyroll. If you did not get a chance to voice your opinion, feel free to do so in the Comments section of the article.

There you have it, our ten most popular posts since the beginning of the year. I wonder what the top 10 of the spring season will be. Hmmm…

I will return to my normal position next week, manning #ThrowbackThursday!.

What were your favorite articles Yatta-Tachi has published so far? Also, what do you think we should write about next? Let’s us know in the comments!

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