Throwback Thursday: Oda Kazumasa – Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (from Tokyo Love Story)

We have Oda Kazumasa's Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (from Tokyo Love Story) for this week's Throwback Thursday


Here is something a little different than the usual. The song featured on this week’s #ThrowbackThursday post is not from any anime or Japanese game. Instead, it is from a Japanese drama that got popular in the early 1990s: Tokyo Love Story.

The live-action TV drama was adapted from a manga series by Fumi Saimon by the same name. It may seem that the drama is more popular than the manga. Certainly not many people would have known about the series outside Japan and Asia.

The manga/drama tells the love story of a group of young adults who are in Tokyo for various reasons. The two male and one female protagonists have known each other since they were children. If you guessed there would be some romantic attractions between the three, you would be correct. However, the story expands upon the relationships between the trio and other characters as well.

Overall, the story may seem very cliche for the current standard but the drama helped set off a J-drama craze in Asia.

Now, let us talk about Oda Kazumasa, the singer and composer of the featured song, and the song itself. Kazumasa has been active as a singer-songwriter and composer for decades. Born in 1947, he has had an illustrious career as a vocalist, a band leader, and has been an established name in the Japanese folk song genre. The Tokyo Love Story drama skyrocketed his name and the song that he composed, Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (translated to Suddenly a Love Story), in a very short period of time. The song itself was the eighth best-selling single in Japan from the time period of 1968-2006.

Kazumasa has since produced many singles and albums with varied success, none of which has been as popular as Love Story wa Totsuzen ni.

Note: I am not able to find a YouTube link to the original version of the song. I have seen artist covers on the site, but it is impossible to find any video of it. The song player is the closest thing I can get to be embedded on the site.

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