Steam Prison – Yune Sekiei Walkthrough

"It's simple. You just have to love me."

Steam Prison is rated M on the Nintendo Switch and includes: strong language, use of tobacco products and alcohol, violence, abuse, torture, prostitution, sexual assault, and murder. Player discretion is advised.

Yune Sekiei’s Route Guide

Yune Sekiei talking

Things to keep in mind: This guide is as spoiler-free as possible, and following it will lead to 100% completion of the game. Yune Sekiei’s route includes all six of his endings, as well as an ending for Fin. Yune’s route is not available until Ulrik’s “Ferrie” ending has been unlocked. If following all guides in order, begin a new game.

Good Ending (6)

  1. Catch man
  2. Is that the truth?
  3. Go through first
  4. That the Heights are a wonderful place
  5. Resist being sent down
    (Save 1)
  6. Of course
  7. If you insist
  8. May I really have this?
  9. I also eat a lot
  10. I keep my promises
  11. That will be rough
  12. About sixteen years old
    (Save 2)
  13. Talk to Fin
    (Save 3)
  14. I will deal with him
  15. I would love to
  16. That sounds good.
  17. He’s my old partner
  18. I’m glad he’s still alive
    (Save 4)
  19. Let me think about it
  20. It’s going to work out
  21. Please attend

    (My Time)

Yune Ending 1

Load Save 1

  1. I can’t
  2. I don’t understand why
  3. Let me go home
  4. I eat normally
  5. I’m disappointed
  6. That’s dangerous
  7. About four thousand years old
  8. Don’t talk to Fin
  9. He’s dangerous

    (Promise Kept)

Fin Euclase Ending 1

Load Save 2

  1. Don’t talk to Fin
  2. I’ll deal with him
  3. I would love to
  4. That sounds good.

    (Eternal Thread)

Yune Ending 3

Load Save 3

  1. He’s dangerous
  2. May I really have this?
  3. Are you still hungry?
  4. It’s not like that
  5. I wonder what happened
  6. I will not commit a crime
  7. It feels unreal
    [Save 5]
  8. Stay with him until he dies

    (Lingering Scent)

Yune Ending 2

Load Save 3

  1. I will deal with him
  2. We need to return to the Heights
  3. No
  4. It’s not like that
  5. He must be joking
  6. I will not commit a crime


Yune Ending 4

Load Save 5

  1. End relationship

    (Let’s Meet Again)

Yune Ending 5

Load Save 4

  1. Is there no other way?
  2. I’m worried
  3. This isn’t like you

    (Results Awaited)

Steam Prison Walkthroughs

  1. Eltcreed Valentine
  2. Ulrik Ferrie
  3. Adage
  4. Ines Heinrich Heine
  5. Yune Sekiei (You are here!)
  6. Fin Euclase
  7. Grand Ending

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