Steam Prison – Ulrik Ferrie Walkthrough

"B-Besides. I'm not in love! I just care about people sometimes..."

Steam Prison is rated M on the Nintendo Switch and includes: strong language, use of tobacco products and alcohol, violence, abuse, torture, prostitution, sexual assault, and murder. Player discretion is advised.

Ulrik Ferrie’s Route Guide

Ulrik and MC both hold a book and read together

Things to keep in mind:  This guide is as spoiler-free as possible, and following it will lead to 100% completion of the game. Ulrik Ferrie’s route includes four of his five endings, as well as an ending for Eltcreed. If following all guides in order, load the Route Change Save and start at the choice with an *. If starting a new game, follow from the beginning.

Good Ending (5)

  1. Return to pick up bag
  2. Is that the truth?
  3. Go through first
  4. That I have to be stronger
  5. I couldn’t ask for that
  6. How curious
  7. Thank you *
  8. Ask for details
  9. I’m fine
  10. Pretend to not remember
  11. I’m uneasy
  12. Thank you
  13. It’s too much for me
  14. I hesitate
  15. Nicely done
  16. I’m not one for flowers…
  17. I don’t want to say
  18. He’s just my boss
    (Save 1)
  19. A job is a job
  20. Life is harsh
  21. So you want me to watch him die?
  22. We aren’t
  23. I expect nothing less
  24. Does that also make him more attractive?
  25. Thank you for saving me
  26. Good morning
    (Save 2)
  27. Wing it
  28. About you
  29. Glad I managed to lie
    (Save 3)
  30. We can go somewhere that you like
  31. Thank you
  32. He will come back

    (My Story)

Eltcreed Valentine Ending 5

Load Save 1

  1. You’re more of a child than I am
  2. Poor man
  3. I want to help anyway
  4. I hate him
  5. I don’t think I can do that
  6. How rude
  7. It damn well should’ve
  8. What are you doing here?
    [Save 4]
  9. Tell the truth

    (One-Winged Bird)

Ulrik Ending 3

Load Save 4

  1. Wing it
  2. About the Heights
  3. Glad I could be useful
  4. Don’t force yourself
  5. I can’t take it

    (Words Unheard)

Ulrik Ending 2

Load Save 2

  1. Tell the truth

    (Final Page)

Ulrik Ending 4

Load Save 3

  1. Don’t force yourself
  2. I can’t take it
  3. I want to escape


Steam Prison Walkthroughs

  1. Eltcreed Valentine
  2. Ulrik Ferrie (You are here!)
  3. Adage
  4. Ines Heinrich Heine
  5. Yune Sekiei
  6. Fin Euclase
  7. Grand Ending

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