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This young police officer is about to be thrown to the HOUNDS.

Game Information: Steam Prison is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and MangaGamer and is rated M. The review and guides are all based on the Nintendo Switch version.

Game Content Warning: This game contains the following possible triggers: strong language, use of tobacco products and alcohol, violence, physical and mental abuse, torture, prostitution, sexual assault, and murder.

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Steam Prison Story

Cyrus Tistella was born and raised in the Heights, a city in the sky built to protect mankind from a world-ending flood. As a Rank One police officer, she’s seen the worst the city has to offer. But that is nothing compared to the Depths. Below her city lies a poverty-stricken place the Heights sends all their criminals to. After a brief tour of the area as part of her police work, Cyrus gains a whole new appreciation for her life and home. But her situation is about to be turned upside-down.

After a tragic incident, Cyrus is forced to return to the Depths. Not as a police officer, though. This time she’s sent down as a criminal. Trying to eek out a living in this smog-filled place is hard enough–trying to prove her innocence might just be impossible.

Steam Prison Characters

Cyrus Tistella

Cyrus cutting her hair

Cyrus is a headstrong, hard-working young woman who is a stickler for rules. Having grown up in an affluent family, she lacks simple skills and knowledge to help her in the Depths. But what she lacks in common sense, she makes up for with sheer determination.

Eltcreed Valentine

Eltcreed holds a knife in front of another man while Cyrus stands behind him with a worried look.

Though he’s young, Eltcreed is the head of the prestigious Valentine Bank and the leader of a small district in the Depths known as Liberalitas. His gentleman persona has women from all over asking for his time, and Eltcreed is not one to turn down a sincere request. His obsession with the Heights is considered by many to be his fatal flaw. Eltcreed is voiced by Shirai Yusuke (London Detective Mysteria, Period: Cube, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, and the upcoming Bustafellows).

Ulrik Ferrie

Ulrik holds his hand out towards player

Ulrik is a tsundere boy with a love of sweets. As an information broker, he knows everything that’s worth knowing in the Depths. He’s Eltcreed’s friend and personal spy, but he also takes on Elt’s odd jobs as long as there’s money to be made. Ulrik is voiced by Tomohito Takatsuka.


Addage reading a letter and smiling

Adage is quiet and blunt to a fault. Once a doctor in the Heights, a series of events lead to him being cast down to the Depths as a criminal. He is able to make a comfortable living providing medical care to the people of the Depths, and his talent in the field has people clamoring for his services. Adage is voiced by Makoto Furukawa (Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk).

Ines Heinrich Heine

Ines has an injured man's arm thrown around his neck as he helps the man stand

Ines is second in command for the HOUNDS and is dedicated to his job. Even though he maintains a position of power, Ines is level-headed and prefers to not stand out. His serious attitude sometimes makes him hard to approach, but it has helped him to command a lot of respect from those around him.

Yune Sekiei

Yune turns his head to look over his left shoulder

Though he is hundreds of years old, Yune’s love of candy and blunt attitude give him a childlike aura. He is known as The One Loved By God and is revered both in the Heights and the Depths as a priest. Yune is voiced by Yasuyuki Takase.

Fin Euclase

Fin, with a sad look, sits across from Cyrus as they talk.

Fin is Cyrus’s partner on the police force and is very loyal to her. His timid and gentle nature fits well with Cyrus’s and he’s happy to follow her lead. Fin is voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki (OZMAFIA!!)

Steam Prison Gameplay

While Steam Prison plays just like a typical VN–there are choices to make, CGs to collect, and quite a few different endings to unlock. The game is pretty hefty, and I think I clocked in somewhere around 35 hours to complete it. While the gameplay doesn’t mix up the VN formula, there are a lot of quality-of-life additions to the system that makes it easier for players.

The game has a Status page where players can see which LI’s are available based on the choices they have made, and a meter sits below each sprite to show their affection levels. The game also has an option to immediately show how your choice affects the meters (a small pop-up will appear in the top right-hand corner showing the character and either an up for down arrow), but players can toggle that off if they wish.

Character Status page showing Agade and Ines as potential routes. Adage's affection bar is slightly filled.

After obtaining any ending, the Extras tab becomes available to view. There are a ton of options here, but the most helpful is the list of endings. Under this tab, players can see how many endings each character has, which ones they’ve unlocked, and their completion percentage. Players can also replay the endings they’ve obtained from this screen. With over 30 endings to unlock (not to mention all the side stories, voiced snippets, and more), this page is incredibly useful.

One of the best additions to this game is the skip function. While there’s the normal fast-forward option to rush through previously read dialogue, the game also has a “Skip to Next Choice” or “Return to Previous Choice” option that makes obtaining all endings significantly faster.

Steam Prison Walkthroughs

Steam Prison has seven routes in total with some of them being locked behind others. In order to unlock Yune, Ulrik’s “Ferrie” ending has to be obtained; Fin’s route won’t unlock until all other character’s Good Endings have been obtained, and the Grand Ending doesn’t become available until every other ending has been obtained. On top of this, many characters have endings that can only be unlocked through other characters, making for a seemingly complicated mess. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got you covered.

Because of story options and overarching plot details, I recommend playing the routes in this order: Eltcreed – Ulrik – Adage – Ines – Yune – Fin – Grand Ending. The guides will tell you which endings each route unlocks, and following them will lead to 100% completion of the game including all side content. Happy playing!

  1. Eltcreed Valentine
  2. Ulrik Ferrie
  3. Adage
  4. Ines Heinrich Heine
  5. Yune Sekiei
  6. Fin Euclase
  7. Grand Ending


Developer: HuneX

Publishers: HuneX, Dramatic Create

Story: Yumas

Translations: Japan Animation Contents, Inc., Fiona “Naoffi” Wong, QooApp Limited, UD Reverse Inc.

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Steam Prison is available now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and MangaGamer!

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