Steam Prison – Eltcreed Valentine Walkthrough

"I truly don't want to sully her... I'll have to do my best to rein myself in."

Steam Prison is rated M on the Nintendo Switch and includes: strong language, use of tobacco products and alcohol, violence, abuse, torture, prostitution, sexual assault, and murder. Player discretion is advised.

Eltcreed Valentine’s Route Guide

Eltcreed holds MC while they lay in bed

Things to keep in mind: This guide is as spoiler-free as possible, and following it will lead to 100% completion of the game. Eltcreed Valentine’s route includes four of his five endings, as well as an ending for Ulrik and one for Fin. If following all guides in order, be sure to make the Route Change Save.

Good Ending (4)

  1. Return to pick up bag
  2. Is that the truth?
  3. Go through first
  4. That I have to be stronger
  5. I couldn’t ask for that
  6. How curious
    [Route Change Save]
  7. That’s a bit suspicious…
  8. Ask for details
  9. It’s more than I expected
  10. Say I remember
  11. Very well
  12. You did a lot for me
  13. Of course
  14. I’m happy
  15. Was it right to let him go?
  16. Thank you
  17. Of course not
  18. I want to know more about him
    [Save 1]
  19. Say his name
  20. This is my job
  21. Got it
  22. I did
  23. I can accept it
  24. I’m his girlfriend
  25. Got it
  26. I want to rescue him
  27. I want to eat something nice
  28. Don’t rush it
    (Save 2)
  29. Ask Ulrik
  30. Walk a little with Ulrik

    (My Queen)

Fin Euclase Ending 2

Load Save 2

  1. Find Fin yourself

    (The Place I Go Home To)

Ulrik Ferrie Ending 1

Load Save 1

  1. I can’t move
  2. Are you meeting a woman?
  3. I’m your bodyguard
  4. As someone I protect
  5. I’m going back
  6. We hardly know each other
  7. I want to go with you
    [Save 3]
  8. Poor man…
  9. Please, I don’t want to be a burden
  10. You can’t change the past
  11. Ask Ulrik
  12. What were you talking about
  13. I’m afraid
  14. Kill him with a sword

    (My Knight)

Eltcreed Ending 1

Load Save 3

  1. I want to rescue him
  2. I want to eat something nice
  3. Don’t rush it
  4. Ask Ulrik
  5. I will leave
  6. I look forward to that
  7. I can’t kill you
  8. We should escape

    (At Sky’s End)

Eltcreed Ending 2

Load Save 1

  1. Struggle
  2. Are you absolutely sure?
  3. That might be even harder
  4. I thought you were weird
  5. I don’t like the feeling
  6. I’m his bodyguard
  7. The HOUNDS are dangerous
  8. I can’t believe it
  9. Thank you
  10. That’s unlike you
  11. Ask Ulrik
  12. I will leave
  13. I look forward to that
    [Save 4]
  14. I can’t kill you
  15. We will be together until the end

    (Sweet Recompense)

Elctreed Ending 3

Load Save 4

  1. Kill him with sword
  2. We will be together until the end

    (Long Future)

Steam Prison Walkthroughs

  1. Eltcreed Valentine (You are here!)
  2. Ulrik Ferrie
  3. Adage
  4. Ines Heinrich Heine
  5. Yune Sekiei
  6. Fin Euclase
  7. Grand Ending

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