November 2018 Manga / Light Novels / Book Releases

With the arrival of November, we’re well into the fall season. This time of year brings with it the beautifully changing leaves, but also some pretty cold weather every now and then! It’s only going to get colder, in general, so for those less-than-stellar days, why not gaze at the changing foliage from your window while curling up with a new manga or light novel volume? And when the weather is perfect for some in-person tree watching, bring those new volumes with you! Nothing’s more relaxing than reading under a beautiful tree in a quiet park. The November 2018 manga / light novel / book releases await your perusal!

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November 6

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November 8

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November 9

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November 11

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November 13

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November 15

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November 17

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November 20

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November 22

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November 24

  • J-Novel Club ECHO [ Kindle Edition ] By Akira (Author), Oguchi (Illustrator), Kevin Chen (Translator)
    Light Novel
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November 26

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November 27

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November 28

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November 30

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