Nina the Starry Bride Vol. 3 Review (Spoiler‑Free)

"You're quite the eccentric Princess..."

Having finally moved to the country of Galgada, Nina is ready to marry Sett and become Queen in order to save Azure’s life. This doesn’t mean that Sett is ready to marry her, though. Nina is tested again and again, and her life in Galgada is closer to hell than heaven. However, this doesn’t stop her resolve. Fueled by determination, Nina will hone her wit to get what she wants.

The Good

Coming straight off of volume 2, volume 3 of Nina the Starry Bride does a good job of character development and plotting. While the story slows down a bit compared to volume 2, the world-building and setup volume 3 does for the rest of the series is great.

Nina’s been through a lot, but she doesn’t let anything sway her from her goal of protecting Az. Come hell or high water, she’s determined to see her job all the way through. Some of her actions maybe a little on the stupid side, but watching her make plans and execute them is so satisfying.

The Bad

The story gets a little slower in volume 3, but that’s about as far as my complaints for it go, and even this complaint isn’t that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

The Verdict

Volume 3 keeps up the cuteness and adds some more political intrigue to spice things up. It takes a slightly darker turn than the other two volumes, and that really helped to keep my interest. Add in a cliffhanger that should be illegal, and you’ve got yourself a solid entry to the series. Sooo, volume 4, when?

You can order Nina the Starry Bride Volume 3 digitally on Barnes & Noble.


Story and Art by RIKACHI

Published by Kodansha Comics

Translated by Steven LeCroy

Lettered by Andrew Copeland

A special thank you to Kodansha Comics for allowing us the opportunity to review this title. Receiving a review copy of this title has in no way altered the opinions expressed in this article.

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