May 2018 Manga / Light Novel / Book Releases

Another new month, another slew of manga releases! Tax season has come to a close in America, which means most of you should (hopefully) have received your tax refunds by now. Getting money back is a great feeling, but what should you do with this “new-found” cash? Shopping spree! Here are the May 2018 manga, light novels, novels, and more.

This month's release dates are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 28th, 29th, and the 31st. You can either click on one of the dates to be taken to that section, do a page search by publisher, or scroll ’til your heart’s content!

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Note: some covers may not be final.

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May 1

Udon EntertainmentThe Adventures of Tom SawyerBy Crystal S. Chan (Adapter), Mark Twain (Author) & Kuma Chan (Artist)
Viz MediaAnonymous Noise Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Ryoko Fukuyama (Author)Digital Edition
Viz MediaBlack Clover Vol. 11 [Kindle Edition]By Yūki Tabata (Author)Digital Edition
Viz MediaBleach (3-in-1 Edition) Vol. 23 (Includes Vols. 67, 68 & 69)By Tite Kubo (Author)
Viz MediaChi's Sweet Adventures Vol. 1By Kinoko Natsume (Adapter), Konami Kanata (Author)
Viz MediaEveryone’s Getting Married Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Izumi Miyazono (Author)Digital Edition
Viz MediaHaikyu!! Vol. 23By Haruichi Furudate (Author)
Viz MediaHoshin Engi Vol. 5 [Kindle Edition]By Ryu Fujisaki (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
Viz MediaJoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 3 Stardust Crusaders Vol. 7By Hirohiko Araki (Author)
Viz MediaKaguya-sama: Love Is War Vol. 2By Aka Akasaka (Author)
Viz MediaKimi ni Todoke: From Me to You Vol. 29 [Kindle]By Karuho Shiina (Author)Digital Edition
Seven Seas EntertainmentLord Marksman and Vanadis Vol. 7 [Kindle & comiXology]By Tsukasa Kawaguchi (Author), Nobuhiko Yanai (Illustrator)Digital Edition
Seven Seas EntertainmentNameless Asterism Vol. 2By Kina Kobayashi (Author)
Viz MediaNaruto: Chibi Sasuke's Sharingan Legend Vol. 3By Kenji Taira (Author), Masashi Kishimoto (Draft Writer)
Viz MediaOne Piece Vol. 86By Eiichiro Oda (Author)
Viz MediaOresama Teacher Vol. 24By Izumi Tsubaki (Author)
KodanshaThe Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 26By Nakaba Suzuki (Author)
Viz MediaTwin Star Exorcists Vol. 12 [Kindle Edition]By Yoshiaki Sukeno (Author)Digital Edition

May 2

J-Novel ClubThe Unwanted Undead Adventurer: Volume 1 [Kindle Edition]By Yu Okano (Author), Jaian (Illustrator), Shirley Yeung (Translator)Light Novel

May 3

Seven Seas EntertainmentStrawberry Panic Vol. 2 [Kindle Edition]By Sakurako Kimino (Author) & Takuminamuchi (Illustrator)Light Novel

May 4

J-Novel ClubFrom Truant to Anime Screenwriter: My Path to “Anohana” and “The Anthem of the Heart” [Kindle Edition]By Mari Okada (Author), Masayoshi Tanaka (Illustrator), Kim Morrissy (Translator)Light Novel
J-Novel ClubInvaders of the Rokujouma!?: Volume 12 [Kindle Edition]By Takehaya (Author), Poco (Illustrator), Warnis (Translator)Light Novel

May 8

Vertical ComicsAjin Vol. 11By Gamon Sakurai (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentThe Bride Was a BoyBy Chii (Author)
KodanshaGrand Blue Dreaming Vol. 9 [Kindle Edition]By Kenji Inoue (Author), Kimitake Yoshioka (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
KodanshaGTO: Paradise Lost Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Toru Fujisawa (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
KodanshaHappiness Vol. 7By Shuzo Oshimi (Author)
Yen PressKakegurui Vol. 5By Homura Kawamoto (Author), Toru Naomura (Artist)
Viz MediaPokémon: Sun & Moon Vol. 1By Hidenori Kusaka (Author), Satoshi Yamamoto (Illustrator)
Viz MediaRequiem of the Rose King Vol. 8By Aya Kanno (Author)
Yen PressStar Wars Lost Stars Vol. 1By Claudia Gray (Author), Yuusaka Komiyama (Artist)
SuBLimeA Strange and Mystifying Story Vol. 3 [Kindle Edition]By Tsuta Suzuki (Author)Digital Edition
KodanshaSweetness and Lightning Vol. 10By Gido Amagakure (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentToradora! Vol. 1By Yuyuko Takemiya (Author), Yasu (Illustrator)Light Novel
Yen PressWolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf Vol. 2By Isuna Hasekura (Author)Light Novel

May 10

J-Novel ClubIn Another World With My Smartphone: Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Patora Fuyuhara (Author), Eiji Usatsuka (Illustrator), Andrew Hodgson (Translator)Light Novel

May 15

Seven Seas EntertainmentArifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Vol. 2By Ryo Shirakome (Author), Takaya-ki (Illustrator)Light Novel
KodanshaAttack on Titan: Choose Your Path Adventure 2By Tomoyuki Fujinami (Author), Hajime Isayama (Creator), Ryosuke Fuji (Illustrator)
KodanshaBattle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle Vol. 2 [Kindle & comiXology]By Yukito Kishiro (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
KodanshaChihayafuru Vol. 11 [Kindle Edition]By Yuki Suetsugu (Author, Illustrator)
Seven Seas EntertainmentCrisis Girls Vol. 1By Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (Author)
Viz MediaDorohedoro Vol. 22By Q Hayashida (Author)
Viz MediaGangsta: Cursed Vol. 4By Kohske (Author), Syuhei Kamo (Illustrator)
Seven Seas EntertainmentGrimgar of Fantasy and Ash Vol. 6By Ao Jyumonji (Author), Eiri Shirai (Illustrator)Light Novel
Viz MediaHoshin Engi Vol. 7: The Curtain Falls [Kindle Edition]By Ryu Fujisaki (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
Seven Seas EntertainmentHungry for You: Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night Vol. 1By Flowerchild (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentJuana and the Dragonewt's Seven Kingdoms Vol. 2By Kiyohisa Tanaka (Author)
KodanshaKiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight Vol. 5By Rin Mikimoto (Author)
KodanshaLove's Reach Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Rin Mikimoto (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
Seven Seas EntertainmentMagical Girl Site Vol. 6By Kentaro Sato (Author)
Viz MediaMobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 7By Yasuo Ohtagaki (Author), Hajime Yatate (Draft Writer), Yoshiyuki Tomino (Draft Writer)
Vertical ComicsMobile Suit Gundam WING Vol. 6By Tomofumi Ogasawara (Adapter), Katsuyuki Sumizawa (Author), Yoshiyuki Tomino (Creator), Hajime Yadate (Creator)
FantagraphicsOkinawaBy Susumu Higa (Author)
KodanshaPerfect World Vol. 2 [Kindle Edition]By Rie Aruga (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
One Peace BooksThe Rising of the Shield Hero Vol. 8: The Manga CompanionBy Aneko Yusagi (Author)
Udon EntertainmentRomeo and JulietBy Crystal S. Chan (Adapter), William Shakespeare (Author), Julien Choy (Artist)
Viz MediaRWBY Anthology Vol. 1By Various (Author), Monty Oum (Draft Writer), Rooster Teeth Productions (Draft Writer)
Ghost ShipTo Love Ru Vol. 7-8By Kentaro Yabuki (Illustrator), Saki Hasemi (Contributor)
Viz MediaUltraman Vol. 10By Eiichi Shimizu (Author), Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Illustrator)
KodanshaWake Up, Sleeping Beauty Vol. 4By Megumi Morino (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 1 [Kindle & comiXology]By Tadahiro Miura (Author, Writer)Digital Edition

May 17

J-Novel ClubThe Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! Volume 2 [Kindle Edition]By Gamei Hitsuji (Author), himesuz (Illustrator), Hikoki (Translator)Light Novel

May 22

Vertical ComicsArakawa Under the Bridge Vol. 3By Hikaru Nakamura (Author)
Yen PressBaccano! Vol. 3By Ryohgo Narita (Author), Shinta Fujimoto (Artist), Katsumi Enami (Artist)
Viz MediaBoys Over Flowers Season 2 Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Yoko Kamio (Author)Digital Edition
Yen PressA Certain Magical Index Vol. 15By Kazuma Kamachi (Author), Kiyotaka Haimura (Illustrator)Light Novel
Yen PressDeath March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Vol. 5By Hiro Ainana (Author)Light Novel
Yen PressDelicious in Dungeon Vol. 5By Ryoko Kui (Author)
Yen PressThe Devil Is a Part-Timer! Vol. 11By Satoshi Wagahara (Author), Akio Hiiragi (Artist)
Seven Seas EntertainmentDevilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 1By o Nagai (Author), Zack Davisson (Translator)
Yen PressDimension W Vol. 10By Yuji Iwahara (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentThe Dungeon of Black Company Vol. 1By Youhei Yasumura (Author)
Yen PressForbidden Scrollery Vol. 3By Moe Harukawa (Author), ZUN (Artist)
Seven Seas EntertainmentHimouto! Umaru-chan Vol. 1By Sankakuhead (Author)
Viz MediaHoshin Engi Vol. 8 [Kindle Edition]By Ryu Fujisaki (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
Seven Seas EntertainmentHow to Treat Magical Beasts: Mine and Master’s Medical Journal Vol. 1By Kajiya (Author)
J-Novel ClubInfinite Dendrogram: Vol. 6 [Kindle Edition]By Sakon Kaidou (Author), Taiki (Illustrator), Andrew Hodgson (Translator)Light Novel
Yen PressKonosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Vol. 6By Natsume Akatsuki (Author), Masahito Watari (Artist)
Seven Seas EntertainmentMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Vol. 6By coolkyousinnjya (Author)
Yen PressMy Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected Vol. 5By Wataru Watari (Author), Ponkan 8 (Artist)Light Novel
Yen PressOverlord Vol. 7By Kugane Maruyama (Author), so-bin (Artist)Light Novel
Yen PressThe Royal Tutor Vol. 7By Higasa Akai (Author)
Yen PressSacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts Vol. 1By Yu Tomofuji (Author)
Yen PressThe Saga of Tanya the Evil Vol. 2By Carlo Zen (Author), Chika Tojo (Artist)
Seven Seas EntertainmentSaint Seiya: Saintia Sho Vol. 2By Masami Kurumada (Author), Chimaki Kuori (Illustrator)
Yen PressScum's Wish Vol. 7By Mengo Yokoyari (Author)
Yen PressA Sister's All You Need Vol. 1By Yomi Hirasaka (Author), Kantoku (Artist)Light Novel
Yen PressStrike the Blood Vol. 9By Gakuto Mikumo (Author), Manyako (Artist)Light Novel
Yen PressTales of Wedding Rings Vol. 2By Maybe (Author)
Yen PressTriage X Vol. 15By Shouji Sato (Creator)
Yen PressTrinity Seven Vol. 13By Kenji Saito (Author), Akinari Nao (Artist)
Seven Seas EntertainmentYokai Rental Shop Vol. 3By Shin Mashiba (Author)

May 23

Retrofit ComicsThe TroublemakersBy Baron Yoshimoto (Author), Ryan Holmberg (Translator)

May 26

J-Novel ClubArifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Vol. 6 [Kindle Edition]By Ryo Shirakome (Author), Takaya-ki (Illustrator), Ningen (Translator)Light Novel

May 28

J-Novel ClubThe Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar: Vol. 2 [Kindle Edition]By Seiichi Takayama (Author), Yukisan (Illustrator), Curtis Teal (Translator)Light Novel

May 29

Seven Seas EntertainmentThe Ancient Magus' Bride Official Guide Book MerkmalBy Kore Yamazaki (Author)novel
Seven Seas EntertainmentCaptain Harlock: The Classic Collection Vol. 1By Leiji Matsumoto (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentHigh-Rise Invasion Vol. 1-2By Tsuina Miura (Author), Takahiro Oba (Author)
Viz MediaHoshin Engi Vol. 9 [Kindle Edition]By Ryu Fujisaki (Author, Illustrator)Digital Edition
Dark HorseI Am a Hero Omnibus Vol. 6By Kengo Hanazawa (Author, Illustrator)
Seven Seas EntertainmentIf It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord Vol. 1By Chirolu (Author), Hota (Illustrator)
Seven Seas EntertainmentMerman in My Tub Vol. 7By Itokichi (Author)
Seven Seas EntertainmentNew Game! Vol. 2By Shoutarou Tokunou (Author)
Dark HorseRG Veda Omnibus Vol. 3By Clamp (Author, Illustrator)
Yen PressSpirits & Cat Ears Vol. 6By Miyuki Nakayama (Author)
KodanshaWaiting for Spring Vol. 6By Anashin (Author)
Ghost ShipYokai Girls Vol. 3By Kazuki Funatsu (Author)

May 31

Seven Seas EntertainmentStrawberry Panic Vol. 3 [Kindle Edition]By Sakurako Kimino (Author), Takuminamuchi (Illustrator)Light Novel
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