Dimension W Episode 2 (Loser) Review

Beware of bad coils!

If there is anything Dimension W Episode 2 should teach you, it’s that you should never mess with something that is broken or stick items in places where they do not belong. If you do, you’re going to have a bad time with dimensional collapses, or at least in this universe you will. Let’s go ahead and dive in, shall we?

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen this episode, I suggest you stop here. If you haven’t watched the series, please have a look at my first impression of the show (Spoiler Free). 

So, Kyoma, now partnered with Mira, is off to work again to obtain more illegal coils, but this time, the mission involves a character named “Loser”. We find out how he works with his communication hijackings and such, but I have to admit that I am liking his character design. Loser looks like one of those goofy superheroes you see in comics, but at the same time, he has the feel of serious adversary, so his design has a combination of goofiness and seriousness, which I like.

Dimension W- Episode 2 Review (Loser)Dimension W- Episode 2 Review (Loser)

Later on, we find out that the pillar of light we saw last episode was actually a dying message to Mira, and thanks to that message, she now has purpose as a character. She wants to know what her father has planned and will go through the means to find out, which makes her relevant as a character and to the story. Another interesting plot point was the recording we saw involving the death of Dr. Yurizaki’s wife and child. Apparently New Tesla was involved and that is something to keep note of, since I sense a hint of foreshadowing for that in the future.

Dimension W Episode 2 - Mira is too kawaiiDimension W Episode 2 - Mira's Outfit

I know I stated in the last review that Mira’s character design is nice, but this episode just made me squeal a bit in excitement. That scene of Mira in her new outfit was just too cute and with the adding of her hairpins, smile, and the sweetness of her voice actress, she had the kawaii levels off the charts. In my personal opinion, I believe this is how fan service should be done; by showing her body language and natural charm, instead of a half naked figure all over the camera. Moving on from that, we see what Loser is after and with that, Kyoma is off on the chase! Right here is where I must compliment the animation and coloring. The animation looked consistent even when the action of the chase between Loser and Kyoma was going on and the added color of Losers’ coils was the cherry on top. My personal favorite was the scene where the statues surrounded Kyoma and Loser, which forced them into teamwork. The action was fun and entertaining while looking very cool and enjoyable every step of the way.

Dimension W Episode 2 - StatueDimension W Episode 2 - Loser 3 It was good to see Mira going out to actually do something to support Kyoma and it was a bit of a relief too. I was sort of afraid they were going to make her a damsel in distress or just a cheerleader on the side. But no, we actually see her put in effort to find the coils Loser was using, as well as his partner that was on support. Speaking of Loser, we find out that he has lost somebody special in his life, which gives us his reasoning to his actions. He wants to expose the truth of New Tesla’s covers up. Loser has a vigilante characteristic that isn’t anything original, but it gives him purpose in the plot and I believe we will be seeing more of him later on down the road.

We can tell that Dimension W doesn’t play around with its characters. If it wants to make a character shine or reveal a trait or backstory said character has, it does it in a fashion where it is easy to follow. The same goes with one of our main characters, Kyoma, as we find out a bit of his past with the mentioning of the radical unit, Grendel. Apparently, they are superhuman specialists that deal with coils. Although we don’t know too much of what Kyoma did or why he was in the unit, it does explain why he can do the things he can do and why he doesn’t need coils to do battle.


JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 2 (Loser) JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 2 (Loser)

The final scenes were something else. It shows you that coils are not to be toyed with and misuse of them will have dire consequences. Remember folks, when dealing with coils, the color red is a very bad thing and will get you a dimensional collapse to the face; possibly a torn body as well. The setups during this episode are everywhere as we get a mention of something called “Numbers”. Hmm, seems interesting and I bet it will lead to something as well, so that’ll be something to remember.
Dimension W Episode 2 - Body Mountain

Overall, the episode was a good one. We are already on episode 2 and it is already going past my expectations. The hints and setups are something to remember, the characters are doing things, and the story is progressing little by little. I look forward to seeing the next episode and expanding the plot points that were setup during this episode!


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