Dimension W Episode 1 Review

The power of coils!

Here we go, folks! Coming at you is Dimension W, one of the most, if not the most hyped, series of the Winter 2016 Anime Season. Being adapted from the manga, there are actually two main studios taking part in its adaptation, which are Studio 3Hz and Orange, so I’m interested in the content that awaits us. Dimension W is a sci-fi, action series with a unique concept of coils, technology, energy, robotics, and how it’s all centered around the Dimension W, giving it this interesting world to explore for an intriguing story.


The episode opens up with one of our main characters, Kyoma. I just have to say, I like his character design. For some reason, the design for Kyoma gives me Samurai Champloo vibes, which I do adore oh-so much, but with that, it seems he has an important mission to go to! During the episode, we get a basic explanation what Dimension W is and how it affects coils, energy, and the world. Oh, and there are apparently illegal coils, so there is that.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 1 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 1

As we continue through the episode, we get introduced to our other main character, Mira, and I also love how unique her character design is; it looks like something out of World Trigger. Kyoma and Mira meeting up gives both of them some character interaction and though it’s a situation where both are against each other, you can tell there will be some dynamic between them later on. If you are lover of action or like to build up some adrenaline, then you’ll like the action scenes since they are done in a manly fashion. There is even comedy involved with our main duo, but there are also hints of character conflict if you take a close look at the dialogue.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 1 JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 1

The episode will either make your jaw drop from excitement or make you jump out of your chair, as chaos ensues and let’s just say that a combination of both jaw dropping and jumping took place in my household! I want to take time to talk about the art and animation. It really looks gorgeous and you can tell some good work went into this by observing the color palates and how well it goes with the sci-fi atmosphere. The animation, although it feels inferior to the art, does hold its own to the point where it can handle some exiting action and battle scenes, which I am looking forward to.

There is minor fan service since the camera just loves looking at Mira in positions that could feel like she’s posing instead of doing something else, so fans could be bothered by that. Other than that, I really can’t find any gripes with the episode. It did what a first episode should do and then some by giving us the basics and moving on with it a little.

Dimension W Art 4

Overall, the episode was great. The designs are unique and interesting to the point where each character looks like they could be their own main character. The art and animation is pretty good; it looked fluid all the way through and I enjoyed that. As for the music, the opening is really catchy and the scenes with action have a nice rock theme to them to get the atmosphere pumped up! Again, this was a great episode and start to the series. I am really looking forward to more episodes and seeing how Dimension W handles its mechanics and story!

Dimension W is streaming on Funimation & Hulu!

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(Screenshot Credits: Funimation)



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