Japanese Halloween Songs Roundup

Here's a list of spooky fun Japanese Halloween songs to put you in the holiday mood!

Halloween is coming up, meaning a lot of children (and older youths still looking to get free candy) will be roaming the streets in their costumes. Aside from the trick-or-treaters, there are sure to be many Halloween parties. Whether you’re throwing a big party, going to a big party, or just hanging out by yourself, why not add these Japanese Halloween songs to your playlists and get in the spirit of the holiday?

AKB48 – ハロウィン・ナイト (Halloween Night)

Kicking off our list is a song by the ever-so-popular idol group, AKB48. Their song “Halloween Night” is a fun party tune to dance to, although it lacks some of that Halloween creepiness that some people enjoy. If you’re just looking for a fun dance number that isn’t “Monster Mash,” though, this one is for you.

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – Crazy Party Night ~ぱんぷきんの逆襲~ (Pumpkins Strike Back)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Crazy Party Night – Pumpkins Strike Back” definitely has more of that Halloween sound in the composition of the music. At the same time, it’s quite a danceable tune, making this song a great addition to your Halloween playlist. It’s a fun, quirky song with a touch of Halloween creepiness.


Yuka Hiiragi / nqrse – Happy Halloween (歌ってみた)

The next two videos are both the same song done by different people. Yuka Hiiragi and nqrse are 歌い手 (utaite), meaning they upload covers they’ve done of songs. This song is similar to Kyary Pamyu Pmayu’s from before in the sense that there’s an underlying Halloween element to the composition, yet still has a lightheartedness about it. While “Pumpkin Strikes Back” was about a party, this song incorporates more of the “trick-or-treat” side of Halloween. Both covers are on the list because of their differing styles: Yuka Hiiragi’s cover is a sung rendition of the song, while nqrse raps the verses in his cover. In either case, it’s a fun song that’s perfect for Halloween.



While not specifically a Halloween song, Tommy heavenly6’s “I’M YOUR DEVIL” definitely has the spirit of the holiday in mind. If you’re looking to give your Halloween playlist more of a rock edge (with a bit of hip hop thrown in), this song is sure to deliver. Check out the video below and decide for yourself if this one is a good fit for your Halloween celebration.


Machigerita – Halloween Patisserie TrickaTorka / Strange Masquerade Halloween

If you’re a Vocaloid fan, these next two songs are for you. Machigerita has composed quite a few Halloween-esque songs. These two songs are just a sample of what you’ll find if you look on Machigerita’s Youtube channel. First up is “Halloween Patisserie TrickaTorka.” This one definitely has some polka elements to it in certain parts, while also incorporating rock and electronic. It’s a fun song with a lot going on. “TrickaTorka” decidedly sports the flavors of Halloween.

If you’re looking for something a little creepier though, “Strange Masquerade Halloween” is for you. From its softer moments to the grandiose, this one has a more orchestrated sound. The backing vocals also add a nice touch.


The Citizens of Halloween Town – This is Halloween (Japanese Dub)

It’s only natural to think of The Nightmare Before Christmas once the Halloween season comes around. While the songs no doubt have a place in all of our hearts, have you ever heard them sung in Japanese? Well, you’re about to, because the next song on our list is “This is Halloween” from the Japanese dub of the film. I have to say, the voices they got for this fit quite nicely. Take a listen below and judge for yourself.


Halloween Junky Orchestra – HALLOWEEN PARTY

If you only add one song from our list to your Halloween playlist, this has to be the one. Of all the songs I listened to, “HALLOWEEN PARTY,” to me, is the ultimate Japanese Halloween song. Written by HYDE of L’Arc-en-Ciel fame, a slew of Japanese musical talent is present in this song: Anna Tsuchiya, Tomoko Kawase (as both Tommy heavenly6 and Tommy february6), Acid Black Cherry, and Rina from SCANDAL, among others. Feast your eyes on the music video below.


What was your favorite song on the list? Any that you’ve heard before? Any that were new? Were there Japanese Halloween songs you know of that didn’t make it on our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

And…HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ( (▼ △ ▼) )

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