Anime, Manga, Video Games, Japanese Food Cookbooks Gift Guide

From recipes from your favorite anime to traditional Japanese recipes, these cookbooks got you covered. We gathered the most popular fandom (anime, manga, video game, tv show) cookbooks that would make a great gift for any aspiring or season cooks!

Soma from Food Wars and Totoro posing with several different food dishes.

Anime Cookbook: A Fascinating Book That Offers You Many Recipes To Make Dish And Illustrations Of Anime

Inside this cookbook, there are a lot of images of Anime characters with many attractive dishes. Especially, you will be given the recipes on each dish on each page which shows you the way to make delicious food.

A gift set that has an apron on top of the cookbook.

Avatar The Last Airbender The Official Cookbook and Apron Gift Set (Hardcover)

Packaged with an exclusive apron, this gift set is the perfect present for any Avatar: The Last Airbender fan.

A plate with daifuku, dango, and taiyaki with macaroons and cookies scattered around it.

Bake Anime: 75 Sweet Recipes Spotted In―and Inspired by―Your Favorite Anime (A Cookbook)

Recreate the tasty desserts you’ve seen in your favorite anime series with this accessible, approachable, and most importantly, delicious recipe book, perfect for Anime fans of any age.

Drawn Ramen bowl with side dishes and eating utentils around it.

Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character―From Bento to Yakisoba: A Cookbook

Learn to recreate delicious dishes referenced in over 500 of your favorite anime series with this practical guide to anime food.

Clay pot simmering food on a portable stove with several ingredients scattered around.

Donabe: Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking

A beautiful and lavishly photographed cookbook focused on authentic Japanese clay-pot cooking, showcasing beloved recipes and updates on classics, with background on the origins and history of donabe.

Two different kinds of bento boxes.

Easy Bento Cookbook: 365 Days of Traditional Japanese Lunchbox Recipes

Create your own Bento lunch boxes effortlessly with these 110 easy and original meals, directly from the recipes book of expert Japanese chef and mom, Sarah Ōtagawa.

All the main characters of Food Wars posing with three featured dishes.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma Cookbook: A Fascinating Book That Offers You Many Recipes To Make Dish And Illustrations Of Food Wars!

If you have true love Food Wars! and want o experience something new, come check out and grab this cookbook.

Gudetama wearing a chef's hat lazily making a salad.

Gudetama: The Official Cookbook: Recipes for Living a Lazy Life

Inspired by everyone’s favorite egg with the can’t-be-bothered attitude, Gudetama: The Official Cookbook is an illustrated cookbook celebrating lazy living and easy cooking, with fun and delicious recipes from classic dishes to comfort meals.

Several different kinds of sushi arranged into a compact square.

Japanese Cookbook for Beginners: 2 Books in 1, Sushi Cookbook + Ramen Cookbook, Quick and Easy Japanese Recipes to Make a Perfect Dinner at Home

Master How to Make Sushi, Ramen and Much More at Home with Easy to Follow Step by Step Instructions.

A gift set that has an apron on top of the cookbook.

My Pokemon Cookbook and Apron Gift Set (Hardcover)

My Pokemon Cookbook and Apron Gift Set contains My Pokemon Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Inspired by Pikachu and Friends, written by Victoria Rosenthal, as well as an exclusive official Pokemon apron.

A cute, pink-haired with sparkling green eyes staring at awe at various desserts.

Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook: Over 60 Recipes for Anime-Inspired Sweets & Treats

Snack your way through the colorful world of anime with over sixty delicious dessert recipes inspired by your favorite Japanese animated shows and movies.

9 various Japanese dishes arranged in a collage.

Otaku Food!: Japanese Soul Food Inspired by Anime and Pop Culture

Experience the World of Japanese Pop Culture Through a Whole New Medium–Japanese Food! With dishes inspired by otaku culture, this cookbook brings Japanese anime and manga to chefs of all levels.

Cute drawn version of Calcifer modified to look like he's cooking a dish.

Studio Ghibli Cookbook: Unofficial Recipes Inspired by Spirited Away, Ponyo, and More!

Create delicious dishes from My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, and more with this cookbook inspired by the stunning worlds of Studio Ghibli!

Several types of cute Japanese food like a rice ball and tonkatsu.

The Anime Chef Cookbook: 75 Iconic Dishes from Your Favorite Anime

Bring your favorite anime foods to life with 75 recipes–from traditional Japanese favorites to inventive recreations–that are easy to make, fun, and delicious.

Blue book with orange and yellow graphics such as dragon, castles, swords, ring, the TARDIS, Star Trek Spock's Live Peace & Prosper

The Geeky Bartender Drinks Cookbook (Hardcover)

Featuring over 70 nerdy recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as realistically imagined by Cassandra Reeder, aka The Geeky Chef. The Geeky Bartender Drinks is your chance to sip your way through your favorite sci-fi and fantasy worlds—Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, Star Trek, and more.

Blue book with light blue and orange nerdy graphics such as potions, TARDIS, Spartan helmet, Harry Potter glasses, and more.

The Geeky Chef Cookbook (Hardcover)

Eat your way through the most legendary foods from the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and more, with over 70 recipes of the most delicious and nerdiest eats as realistically imagined by Cassandra Reeder aka The Geeky Chef.

Two cooks dramatically cooking with a black cat and owl companions.

The Manga Cookbook Vol. 2: More Popular and Delicious Japanese Dishes!

The Manga Cookbook 2 brings you a brand-new selection of recipes for meals you often see in manga and anime, including omurice (rice-filled omelette), yakisoba (grilled noodles), saba shioyaki (grilled salted mackerel), okayu (porridge) and Japanese-style curry.

Various dishes shown in the Final Fantasy XIV Video game.

The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook: The Essential Culinarian Guide to Hydaelyn

Journey through the rich culinary landscape of FINAL FANTASY XIV. Featuring favorite flavors from across Hydaelyn and Norvrandt and easy-to-follow instructions, this tome provides numerous tips on how to make the most of your ingredients.

Very pop art style with fish, drinks, Tokyo Tower, and Mount Fuji.

Tokyo Stories: A Japanese Cookbook

Tokyo Stories is a journey through the boulevards and backstreets of Tokyo via recipes both iconic and unexpected.

About Japanese Cooking

Japanese cuisine encompasses the regional and traditional foods of Japan. The traditional cuisine of Japan is based on rice with miso soup and other dishes; there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Side dishes often consist of fish, pickled vegetables, and vegetables cooked in broth. Seafood is common, often grilled, but also served raw as sashimi or in sushi. Seafood and vegetables are also deep-fried in a light batter, as tempura. Apart from rice, a staple includes noodles, such as soba and udon. Japan also has many simmered dishes, such as fish products in broth called oden, or beef in sukiyaki and nikujaga. You can read more about Japanese Cuisine on Wikipedia.

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