Dimension W Episode 8 Review (The Island That Fell into Nothingness)

New Possibilities!

There are a couple of anime that aired during the weekend block that were action-packed and Dimension W is on that list. This episode offers a lot of action along with some moments of suspense. Let’s dive in!

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen this episode, I would recommend that you stop here. If you haven’t watched the series, please have a look at my first impression of Dimension W, it’s spoiler free!

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The first half of the episode explains the aftermath of the mysterious energy ball incident that took place on Salva’s ship. Speaking of Salva, we get into his backstory, which flashes suspicion of his intent all over the place. The man basically has a thirst for power, especially since he doesn’t agree with his adopted father’s methods of being a king. He states he wants to build a world with Lwai ruling it, but I don’t buy any of it. It’s obvious he wants the throne for himself; he wants to rule with an iron fist and he will not tolerate second place. Knowing this, I am even more suspicious, if not cautious of how he plans to rule. Something tells me what he has planned is not going to end well at all. With the collectors and Lwai surviving the incident, they head to a cabin where they resume the mission to grab the coil.

Dimension W Episode 8 Review Dimension W Episode 8 Review

While briefing about resuming them mission, Lwai plays a video left for Salva in case something bad happened to him. He pretty much explains things we already know, you know, how Easter Island is a place to be reckoned with and all. One thing he does go into is the possibilities of people who were at a standstill; that the living will have their memories and souls broken due to the damage in their cells. This raises many questions. What new possibilities is he talking about? Why does this happen? Again, Dimension W is delivering many questions for us to remember for the future and possible foreshadowing as well.

Dimension W Episode 8 Review Dimension W Episode 8 ReviewFrom there, everything on the island becomes intense. Giant robot drones are attacking, the energy sphere we saw last episode makes an appearance and starts a ruckus, and collectors are getting attacked. The majority of the latter half shows off the skills of the collectors and anyone else being attacked on the island, which does make for some cool scenes. Seeing Lwai fighting still gives me World Trigger vibes and fun moments like the ground collectors taking on a giant robot with a shovel is something exciting to watch. My personal favorite was when Kyoma and Mira showed up. I know we have seen it numerous times in anime, but when Kyoma used his weapons wires to wrap and contain the enemy, it reminded me a bit of Naruto, since threads were used in that series as well. To add to that, the animation was on par as well, with Kyoma moving fluidly to contain the robot. Oh, and Mira nonchalantly chunking a giant rock platform at the robot was funny as well!

Dimension W Episode 8 Review Dimension W Episode 8 Review

The final scenes are important as they indicate to us what will possibly happen in the next episode. With the help of the ground collectors, Kyoma and Mira find a tunnel they can use to go to ground zero, but this is no ordinary tunnel; it has a dark abyss that shuts off all coils and even disturbs humans as well. The ominous feeling of the tunnel scene gives vibes of what is to come soon; the danger of ground zero. According to Kyoma, there is a facility called Adrastea, which is the cause of the destruction of Easter Island. Again, more questions are given to us and that raises the anticipation of ground zero, but before that, it seems Loser stands in Kyoma’s way! Looks like a showdown is about to begin or perhaps a temporary partnership? I mean, it would be the first time!

To sum it up, the episode was good. Although the first half was filled with repetitive plot points that were already established in the previous episode, it did deliver some backstory for Salva and an exciting second half filled with fun animation and action. My gripes with the episode were, again, the repetitive plot points and the slight fan service while Mira taking the coil out of the attacking robot. They didn’t have to make her pose in that way, but hey fan service will be fan service after all.

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