Dimension W Episode 7 (The Voice Calling from the Past) Review

Ground Zero.

Before I begin the review, I forgot to mention last week that Dimension W will be airing on Toonami starting on February 27th. Personally, I am excited, and I highly recommend you check out the dub since it’s Funimation. I believe Dimension W is a series that is good enough to be on Toonami and is something new in anime that people will like. With Dimension W having a good story, likable characters, and an interesting concept, it will definitely be popular, so I am looking forward to it! With that out of the way, let’s get into it!

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen this episode, I would recommend that you stop here. If you haven’t watched the series, please have a look at my first impression of Dimension W, it’s spoiler free!

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 7 (The Voice Calling from the Past) JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 7 (The Voice Calling from the Past)

The first half of the episode starts off with Kyoma’s tragic past and how he met Miyabi. This came off as a surprise to me. Dimension W is good at leaving reminders of plot points that it has established, then later focusing in on them to progress the story, but I never thought the story would progress into Kyoma’s past this soon. It’s is great because it explains a lot of things about Kyoma we need to know. We get to know who Miyabi is and her relationship Kyoma, which is a sweet one. One might say that Miyabi is definitely waifu material after seeing what the two went through together. Despite the sweet relationship, it doesn’t last long because Miyabi has an illness and due to it, she won’t last more than 5 years. Knowing this, Kyoma reaches out to Seria Yurizaki in the hopes that she can cure Miyabi. Yurizaki…now where have we seen that name before? Hm! Kyoma’s desperate actions peak the interest of Colin Keys, who is recruiting people to start up the superhuman unit known as Grendel, which is founded by none other thatn Shido Yurizaki! With the chance of Miyabi being cured if he joins, Kyoma takes the offer and becomes the beast we all know and love.

JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 7 (The Voice Calling from the Past) JuJu Reviews: Dimension W Episode 7 (The Voice Calling from the Past)

The scene cuts to Kyoma’s mission to Easter Island where he and the other beasts must infiltrate the island. For once, we actually get to see Kyoma use a coil, which looked great, but at the same time it felt weird because of his dislike of coils. It goes to show you that even Kyoma used coils in his past. From here on the episode raises questions of the mission itself. We learn the mission was a success, but we do not find out what exactly happened since Kyoma doesn’t remember; I believe this is intentional. Since Dimension W is known to leave cliffhangers, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mission at Easter Island is brought up again later. The next few scenes will pull on your heartstrings, as they are the most emotional scenes we have seen out of Dimension W so far. Miyabi dies. Her death was due to an accident with the coils, which caused the surgery to fail. This causes Kyoma to breakdown in a way we have never seen before and now we understand why he has a hate for coils; it killed his beloved. I mean, I’m sure you would hate coils if they killed your love. Seeing Kyoma’s backstory was great for his character and it helps the audience understand why he acts like the way he does. If there are any issues with the backstory, it would be Miyabi’s character. I feel we got a decent impression of her personality, but…I feel like there is something missing. I feel like there should have been more depth with her since she pretty much is the catalyst for Kyoma’s actions.

Dimension W 12 Dimension W 13

As we cut back to the present, we see Salva continuing on with his plans for Easter Island and his intent. He wants to explore it and the mysterious figure that is displayed. Since Salva has a mistrust for New Tesla, he decides to use the help of the collectors in order to explore the island since it is known for being dangerous. For some reason, I don’t trust Salva. I feel he knows more than he’s letting on, but this could be me overthinking his intentions. Later on, we see Salva gather up the collectors that will be joining the trip to Easter Island, and boy, did he pull out all of the stops. We have a lot of collectors joining in for this mission, heck, even Loser is there and whoever is successful in getting the coil wins a grand prize of 50 million! Sounds great on paper, but I bet it won’t be so easy as we find out what happens later on. I like how the collectors we get introduced to have a wide range of personalities. It feels like each collector feels different from the rest and will contribute to the story later on. As for Kyoma, like Loser, he has his own agenda, which is to explore Ground Zero, an abandoned facility where the failed experiments of New Tesla dwell. It seems even Kyoma will have trouble with this one given how dangerous Easter Island is.

Dimension W 15Dimension W 8

The final scenes are important as we learn about Dimension W and its infinite possibilities with energy and its outcome. This is well demonstrated when Salva and the collectors head to the island only to be swarmed with waterspouts and a energy sphere that has its own will. I’m curious to find out what this sphere is. Could it be one of the energy possibilities? Or is there a mastermind behind all of this? Dimension W does it again by resolving previous questions and giving us more to answer at the same time.

All in all, the episode was great, with finally getting to know Kyoma’s backstory and the progression to Easter Island. With Kyoma and Mira on their way to the island, I wonder what awaits them and what happened to Salva and the collectors? Dimension W is keeping the pace up with its content and I look forward to seeing what it has in store for us next week!

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