Back-to-School Advice for Anime Fans

Let anime help you go back-to-school!

Anime is filled with schoolboys and schoolgirls, and every anime season, more get thrown into the mix. So, with all of these shows that take place in school, surely there’s plenty of good advice you can follow to be as (or more) successful as some of anime’s best and brightest. While it’s easy to have someone tell you what to do, it’s more useful to see how the advice holds up when put in action. Below are some tips for navigating the hallowed halls of education, with visual examples to really hit it home.

Wake up early.

No one wants to wake up and rush around to get ready to leave. So, be sure to get up early so you have plenty of time to get through your morning routine of eating, washing up, dressing, and packing your things.

Black Rock Shooter Hiro

Eat a healthy breakfast.

There’s nothing quite like starting your day with a hearty breakfast with all of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body needs to help fuel your powerhouse of a brain. A healthy breakfast can also give you the energy to deal with whatever the day throws at you.

Back-to-School Advice for Anime Fans Markl chowing down on bacon and eggs.

Get to school on time.

No one wants to be that person that walks into the middle of class. Not only is it awkward to face your classmates, since their total focus is on you, but then the teacher will likely chew you out for being late, too. Consistent tardiness may make things more difficult for you, especially if you’re always late for the same reason. A few tardies are likely to be excused, but if it’s not a good enough reason, you’re pretty much out of luck. It’s best to play it safe and make sure you get to all of your classes on time.

Remember to bring your homework.

While you should always do your homework, that’s only half the battle. The point of homework is to complete it and bring it into class, either to go over it as a group or to have the teacher look over it for you. So, make sure you put your homework in your schoolbag every night before you go to sleep, preferably in a folder if it’s loose sheets of paper; that way, you won’t have any potential freakouts over whether or not you remembered it.

Don’t study at the last minute.

Studying for a test at the very last possible moment is hard. You’re basically trying to cram a few weeks’ worth of information into your head in one sitting. Not only will it be harder to remember everything that you go over, but it will also be difficult to maintain the same level of concentration throughout your study session. If you study for an hour every day for two weeks, it will be much easier to get through the entirety of your studies than if you go over everything in one all-nighter, which might be more than 8 hours of straight studying. I know I wouldn’t want to study for 8 hours straight…

Pay attention during class.

One way to lessen the burden of your at-home study sessions is to focus in class and take good notes. Not only will taking notes give you something to review when you get home, but it will also help the information enter your brain when you first write them down, and then, when you’re reviewing, the information you go over will already be somewhat familiar to you. You should also consider those you sit near: if you’re distracting yourself during class, it’s possible that your neighbors will become distracted, too. In the end, paying attention in class can benefit more people than just you.

Don’t be afraid to raise your hand.

Paying attention in class has even more benefits: it gives you the opportunity to know if you understand what the teacher is going over. If you’re unsure of the material, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask about it. Not only does it help others who may have the same question, but it gives those who didn’t think of your question a chance to make sure they understand, too. Raising your hand to answer questions also gives you a chance to test whether or not you know the material, too. Even if you don’t raise your hand to answer questions, though, be aware that you could get called on, anyway. You might as well take participation into your own hands, rather than be surprised by it later on.

Join a club or sport.

Interestingly enough, school isn’t just about going to class, studying, and doing homework. You should have hobbies and interests away from your textbooks, too, and there’s no better opportunity for that than joining a school club or sports team. Not only will it give your mind a break from your day’s worth of class time, but it’s a great chance to spend time getting to know people who have the same interests as you. Making friends helps make going to school a more enjoyable experience, and it can be fun to enjoy hobbies with others. Joining a club or playing a sport is a great way to develop skills that the classroom may not be able to provide, and also a chance to have some fun! Definitely make sure to check out what your school has to offer, and, even if you don’t see any you’re interested in, maybe you can start your own: just ask a faculty member. You never know who else may be interested, too!

Did any of these tips help you? Do you have any advice that you got from an anime that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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